Spoiler alert: Total mayhem did not come

I’m sorry for making yet another post on this topic, but like my posts, the lack of total mayhem is simply cumbersome. I log on after the switch and I see Low Gravity for the second time this week, Team Deathmatch again and something else, and just a hint of me dies. I’ve settled for just playing MH and QPC for now, but surely it’s agreeable that this is just ridiculous. It’s been maybe 8/9 days now? With no sign of TM or NL anywhere? It’s driving me up the wall, i just want my fun modes back :((
I’m starting to despise events now. I love cosmetics, but I personally seldom play modes for it and the fact it takes up a tonne of slots is honestly laughable.

I must live up to my reputation as the Fun Police and ruin people’s lives as Sombra in Total Mayhem once again.


As a friendly reminder, you can always create the Total Mayhem game mode as a custom game, then set the game to public for others to join you in the game browser.


Ah, but riddle me this. Why do we have to rely on custom mode creation for a mode that should not be out of rotation for over a week? It seems like awful game design to me. (As well as the ratio between brawls and deathmatches in general, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.) I don’t want hand me down solutions to something so easily fixable. (We had TM every 3 days over Christmas, which was honestly great and kept a good system, so why can’t we have it here?)


Jeff Kaplan answered this a while back:

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ehh, its just not the same imo

The hosts will get power trips and make it not fun, plus you will always be playing with the same people…and its not likely that there will always be 12 players


It’s pretty much this. It’s not the same if the game is not running officially under Arcade for these reasons.


Also the fact that modes shouldn’t be out of rotation for up to 4 days at the maximum because it presents bias and excusing that is simply laughable at best. So no. Don’t make custom modes.

Jeff Kaplan answered this a while back:

Acting like I didn’t know that existed? I’ve been playing for longer than 2 months, I know exactly what Kaplan thinks of Mayhem, and it doesn’t matter. This mode doesn’t affect his existence, so adding it for more than once a week during events is harmless. So.


It doesn’t work very well. I’ve tried it before and here’s the problems:

  1. People have to go looking for it, and nobody does. As a result, it takes a very long time to fill a full match
  2. People leave custom games more frequently, leading to more frequent imbalances in the match
  3. The lack of matchmaking makes it difficult to fill those spots. Especially when a group of 2+ leaves at once, it can take a while to fill.
  4. …and if they game does fill, people have to choose between queueing as spectators for people to leave, or making a whole new lobby that now has the same problems, except worse because now you’re splitting players between matches.
  5. …and no matchmaker means no skill balancing (granted not too much exists in arcade to begin with) and no proper server/region selection for ping.
  6. People in custom games like to create their own spins on the rules. You may set it up vanilla now, but you leave and the new host decides “Hero X is annoying” and nerfs them.
  7. You dont get weekly or challenge rewards from custom games, and you get less XP which means fewer lootboxes during an event.

Those are the issues i can recall just off the top of my head.


Well that’s more than a little rude. You literally asked:

And you got an answer. If you already knew the answer, why ask the question?

I’m all for more total mayhem, and I think Jeff’s quote is a terrible reason to keep a (somewhat) popular mode out of rotation, but don’t act like Wyoming’s response was insulting


I don’t think my question was answered. At all. I’m getting a response I’ve seen from them to any complaint about mode rotations on this forum (I’ve been stalking forums for over a year before I made this account and I knew the response I got sounded familiar. As such, it didn’t answer anything. All I got was Kaplan’s view, not why certain modes can be out of rotation for over a week. And why it’s only those certain modes that are out for a week when I’ve never seen deathmatches get the same, asinine treatment. I apologise for getting heated, but this really didn’t patch up anything for me.


With custom game modes people are swapping in and out every minute or two and TM doesn’t work with that level or randomness or one-sidedness. Not that it matters though, custom game modes is pretty much just dozens of instances of a few modes (gun game, 1 v 11, D.va Egg, etc.) and anything else gets zero players or not enough for a proper match. I have tried to start a TM at least a half dozen times this event and nobody joins, so unless it’s in the arcade menu there is zero chance to play it.


No room for the cool and popular Total Mayhem sorry, we gotta fit in two different dead Elimination modes and four more deathmatch types


Yeah, 3 different kinds of Deathmatch taking up Arcade mode today is a bit much. I think that if the devs want multiples of the same game type on the same day they should nested inside a “Deathmatch modes” icon, like the CTF modes icon is used during this event.


“Just make the game yourself” really isnt the answer people are looking for.

People go on power trips and disable heroes they dont like or increase cooldowns on moves they dont like.
People who join custom games tend to troll a lot. Theres no progress towards getting wins and lootboxes for events.
It really, really isnt the same thing as getting it in arcade.

Jeff may hate the game mode, but why shouldn’t we get to play it in actual arcade?


I hate that Jeff has this view on Total Mayhem

No, the mode doesn’t play smoothly. That’s the point. It’s mindless unbalanced chaos and it’s fun. I love the dude, but just because he and/or the team don’t like the mode they neglect it and wish they could delete it? No, they should capitalize on what players like about TM and make it something they’re more proud of, or simply accept that people like the mode and they don’t.

Also, how can he say he’d like to remove TM when we still have map-locked versions of existing games? Idk just bugs me that years after the maps come out, we still see Petra/Chateau DM taking up whole arcade slots while it could just be the DM card. Or like… Any other mode.

4v4, 3v3, Low Gravity, Deathmatch, Mystery Heroes, Hero Gauntlet… These are all separate and valid modes. The arcade should cycle between the base modes only, no map specific stuff unless the map is new. And no shunning a mode so it shows up less frequently.


I think the only reason why they had map specific gamemodes like Château Guillard Deathmatch is there because there was a huge request for it since at the time it was the only FFA specific map.

Which makes sense… At the time when it was new

I think after even a few weeks most players would be more than ready to let the shiny new map become a part of the regular pool. But it’s been a long time since we got these “modes” and frankly they should be retired. After a while it’s less exciting to play Petra Deathmatch, because we’ve all seen Petra. It’s not that we dislike what we see, not in the slightest, but like… Maybe we want map diversity when we play Deathmatch in the arcade. Maybe Petra DM doesn’t have much of a reason to exist at this point in time. At the very minimum, ONLY Kanezaka DM should be its own mode at this point in time and probably not for much longer

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If you want to have fourteen different deathmatch modes, in addition to the one that is always available in While You Wait, take deathmatch out of the arcade entirely and give it its own separate tab on the main menu.

It’s clearly a popular mode, that’s fine, but having five kinds of DM crowd out the cool stuff in the arcade every day sucks hard. Arcade is far weaker for it, and only being able to play overwatch with my best friend 2-3 days a month feels bad.


Such a huge community of people want Total Mayhem as a staple game mode, yet the devs don’t deliver. They sit here and nerf/buff heroes when noobs complain that they can’t play well with them, but they can’t listen to what the true GOOD players want. Get it together, OW team… You’re making a LOT of people mad…

Agreed, WAAAAYYYYYYYY too many deathmatch modes. This is getting ridiculous. This event totally sucked, and the only mode that people wanted to play hasn’t shown up. We shouldn’t have to make a custom game mode for something that’s already available in arcade.

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Note to devs… all of these complaints about not seeing TM more often should say something to you guys… Listen to what the people want!