Specific sounds are not playing?


So im on vacation and my vacations is honestly just overwatch not in my house and on my laptop tbhhh

but ive noticed that there are some sounds that are not playing… for example consecutive headshot pings, health pack woosh (idk theres usually a woosh when going over a healpack that heals you) the sound distortion during sleep and other stuff like that. it is throwing me off and idk what happened or whats causing it or how to fix it any suggestions?

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

I have noticed this as well. It is not working great or at all. I get headshots alot of the time and alot of the time it wont do that click it does. It is very annoying(I have to double check I did something cause I couldnt hear the sound effect for it). It is really annoying me.


It’s been throwing me off and I’m not sure how to fix it aswell


Well I just lost 93sr after my sound cut off totally and I had to restart the client an hour ago (Re-joined; we won but I still got screwed)

I had the sound disappearing before, but all I had to do is go into the sound settings and change the output to default; or to my actual output if it’s on default at the time it happens…
When this ‘accident’ happened, even if I changed it, it only came back to less than a second and it cut out again.

Interestingly enough all these forums posts came up since the Moira release patch…
Worked fine for me on Win10 ~> Moira release ~> Sound cuts off every 2 mins or so ~> Re-install the whole system to Win10 ~> Same issue ~> Re-install to Win7 ~> Cuts off yet again


Im on default sounds and i have reinstalled OW i dont know what to do xD


Same problem here on ps4. Sounds of bullets connecting or target dying or picking up a health pack simply aren’t playing sometimes and it really throws me off.


The more i play the more annoying it gets can we get some sort of response?


These issues may be related to ongoing major audio cutoff problems in Overwatch, if you can please add your experience to this thread:


Hey I see you’re having sound cutoff issues on PS4 too, could you talk about it in this thread here to help raise awareness to Blizzard? If we get enough voices talking maybe we can really force them to address the issue.


maybe, its not happening on my home computer which to me is odd ive been looking for missing drivers etc etc but i cant find any link to it.
Ive reinstalled bnet and blizzard on both computers but my laptop continues to miss certain sounds. Im guessing its a performance issue however it thats the case it should not be happening on ps4 considering the game is made to run on that.


Yep, I’m thinking it’s probably related to memory running out either before or during matches (probably as a result of memory leaks in the game code) that’s causing these problems. It seems to be happening to many players on PS4 but only to some PC players, so I’d wager it has to do with performance from the system that the code is running on, powerful systems won’t be affected.