Speaking of reworks: torbjorn

Can we get a hint of the torbjorn rework? I’m just curious on how different my favourite swedish engineer is going to be and what y’all are doing to him


I hope they are gonna get rid of boring “upgrade via hammering” mechanic and allow Torb to throw Turret from range and Turret starts at level2 or autonomously self-upgrade.


i personally think his hammer is an important part of his kit but it feels useless, and like you said, boring. we’ve been getting teasers and nudges but i really am curious as to what they’re doing with him.

We don’t have details but it is one of the things that’s actively being worked on. We’ve tried dozens of new abilities and tweaks to the turrets and his gun so far. We have some interesting leads but nothing is solidified yet. I know you’re anxious to hear more details than that but he’s really in a state of flux right now and changing rapidly day to day. When things start to settle down, we’ll communicate more.


ah, understandable. i’m excited to see what will change and stay the same!

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When thing settle down

Is this about the hate you guys have been getting recently regarding the changes to Sombra and new hero?

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not to hijack the topic, but i really hope you’re taking some of the sombra concern to heart.


No he means when Torbjorn is not “changing rapidly day to day” anymore…


When cute hamster will go to PTR?


Man what a fast response.

Now lets talk about the new hero… :face_with_monocle:


Good to know!! TY for the update.

So is this sarcasm? Because i’m tired right now.

It says “when things ettle down, we’ll try to communicate more”. That can be because of all the hate, or maybe because they have a lot of things happening with the game in terms of updates. LFG and Sym just got released,now the big July patch with Sombra PTR changes and new hero.

I know you guys put in a lot of hard work deciding what stays and goes, but I hope you keep to the core gameplay concepts like collecting scrap and especially the turret. I don’t mind reworks and changes, but be sure to keep what made people love the character in the first place!

Jeff’s trying to say. after the LFG. Endorsement. sombra buff. new symmetra rework and hammond all pass and become a few weeks old. they’ll discuss torb.

Immediately before that he said that the state of Torbjorn is very dynamic and nothing is solidified, so of course “when things settle” refers to that.


I’m tired ignore what I said.

Dozens of new abilities, but only tweaks to his gun and turret.


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The great Kaplan has spoken! Everyone! Heed his words!

i like to think armor packs are essential to his kit but if they do anything with it, i’d rather they buff the armour packs. They feel super useless right now, and I agree with scrap because it puts him in a very dangerous position for a small amount of resource which, imo, doesn’t belong in an FPS game.

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