Speak in any language you want!

everyone started talking in binary on this post “:broken_heart: Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (320+ Likes, 11,400+ Responses) 4”
so might as well make my own,
speak in any language you want with a translation so we can RELOX:palms_up_together:


I can’t tell if this is a meme or just pure salt

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Kestist Overmoji Vafke, Queryna Ko?
(Kel Dor, the overmoji cafe exists, why not this?)

01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 01100101 01100100 00111111


Kubrowe worlabor zamm rekomrace! Zar-te to-visvua yah.
(kel dor, continue Zamm’s work my friend! good to see you.)

Ohwv mxvw doo wdon lq Fdhvdu

(Major props to whoever can decipher this)

i googled that and gravity falls came up

No that’s Caesar cipher

et tu brute?
(20 char)

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Aaahhh garoto

kama rekwiva te-yo-type vranskalo
(i DID request that you type translations)
(still kel dor, i gotta practice my fake language)

Nerf Mercy, Nerf Mercy, Nerf Mercy.

(We believe she is in a good spot).

Sorry, this thread was just so boring that I had to inject it with a bit of entertainment.

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krifitee kavee kavate
(profanity filter enabled)

أود أن أعرف كيف ستترجم Google هذا إلى الإنجليزية. ربما بشكل رهيب. الضحك بصوت مرتفع. لدي سحق كبير على هانزو واعتبرت شرعي شراء وسادة الجسم هانزو. الانجاز

'awadu 'an 'aerif kayf sttarjm Google hdha ‘iilaa al’iinjlizia. rubama bishakl rhyb. aldahk bisawt murtafe. ladaya sahaq kabir ealaa hanzu waietabarat sharei shira’ wasadat aljism hanzw. al’iinjaz

Real Translation Arabic -> English

Original Text: I want to know how Google would translate this back to English. Probably terribly. I have a huge crush on Hanzo and legitimately considered buying a Hanzo body pillow. lol

Direct Arabic to English Trasnlation. Not bad actually!
I want to know how Google translates this into English. Perhaps terribly. I have a big crush on Hanzo and considered legit buy Hanzo body pillow. laughing loudly

:avocado: !yad doog a evaH .selbuort ruoy rof odacova na s’ereh ,oS .tsenoh eb ot ,yas ot tahw wonk yllaer t’noD .haeY .sleeF .F slaeH .em s’ti ,ereht yeH

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Emahs rof. Sdrawkcab tahw dellepssim uoy.

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.enohp eht no epyt ot drah s’tI .nam yrroS

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i’m gonna pretend this isn’t a language

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.edud ym tnaw uoy revetahw dneterP