Southeast Asians are heavily underrepresented in video games

Allow me to just

… Doomfist is braindead and female?

Why an English accent if he’s Finnish?

I know she used to sigh and say like “Americans.”. Does she still say it?

What a double standard LOL. Can you imagine if 76 killed Widow and was like “Shoulda stuck to surrendering.”?

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Make a hero modeled after Duterte, The Best President in the Solar System! The rest of SEA will be honored to be represented by him.

besides hanzo and genji being asian theres sym whos asian. i think a asian girl would b nice but theres already asian men so we need a black girl or man to b the new superhero like black panther or blade or luv from blade runner.

There is quite a bit of history. You just have to know where to look.

Historically the Vietnamese were a Buddhist nation after the Chinese rule from roughly 111 bce to the take over of the Khmer empire in roughly the 9th century.

The people believed that they were descendants from both dragons and fairies. According to their lore a dragon prince from the sea married a fairy princess from the mountains. They had a hundred children, but then they each began to miss their home. So they each took 50 children to live with them, so 50 in the mountains and 50 by the sea, who were among the earliest ancestors of the Vietnamese.

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But you want to hold them to 1968, a time, incidentally, when half the country was fighting alongside the US, and claim that a defining characteristic should be hatred of the US.


My soul would leave my body if I heard that. I like McCree’s line since it’s so smooth and is still double-clap worthy.

And yeah, she still does the sigh thing when she kills Americans.

North America:

  • McCree (Santa Fe, NM)
  • Reaper (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Soldier: 76 (Bloomington, IN)
  • Sombra (Mexico) [Mexico is in Central America which is considered part of North America]

South America

  • Lucio (Brazil)


  • NONE

Western Europe

  • Brigitte (Sweden)
  • Mercy (Switzerland)
  • Moira (Ireland)
  • Reinhardt (Germany)
  • Torbjorn (Sweden)
  • Tracer (United Kingdom)
  • Widowmaker (France)

Eastern Europe

  • Zarya (Russia)


  • Junkrat (Australia)


  • Roadhog (Australia) [Implied to possibly be Maori/ New Zealand]

North Africa

  • Ana (Egypt)
  • Pharah (Egypt)

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Doomfist (Numbani/ Nigeria)
  • Orisa (Numbani/ Nigeria)

Middle East

  • NONE

East Asia

  • D.VA (South Korea)
  • Genji (Japan)
  • Hanzo (Japan)
  • Mei (China)

South East Asia

  • NONE

South Asia

  • Symmetra (India)
  • Zenyatta (Nepal)

So based on the character data, the Caribbean, Middle East, and Southeast Asia are under-represented/ not represented, with South America, Eastern Europe, and Oceania being represented by 1 character respectively.


“Please be the first to represent us Blizzard” Hmm, what about Sagat from Street Fighter or Talim in Soul Calibur? I’m pretty sure Blizzard wouldn’t be the first.

Back then we loved games because they’re fun to play. This miss-use of every single service and product these days for those oh-so-important political sjw agendas is getting really tiresome.

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I was also thinking about Josie from Tekken 7. Philippines.

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the thai stage give me hope blzzard bought the rights to that fanmade thai healer

I mean, Egypt KINDA double-dips since a large part of it is in Africa, yet it’s still considered part of the Middle East.

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theres no american indian hero but they arent warriors anymore.

i can see a katana from that harley movie with joker as a hero she can shoot bazookas and use a flamethrower and looks like jinx from lol.

Fun fact from the future: in the recent Hamtaro cough I mean Wrecking Ball cough stream the lead concept artist stated every Overwatch hero is thematically designed to be a mix of East (anime) + West. So in a sense, every hero in Overwatch is a little Asian. For what it’s worth.