Southeast Asians are heavily underrepresented in video games

Just stop dude. Just coz they are good devs doesn’t mean you can keep nagging for stuff that wouldn’t even make much sense to game. One person wants a gay hero, one wants a trans hero, and now this. Just stop. Please. Let them make heros that they think are appropriate to the lore.

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How would it not make sense for the game?

Vietnam isn’t even studying us. Aside from that, there is way cooler stuff that define Vietnam than “they fought America once.” When we (I’m assuming from your post you are an American like me) showed up over there they had already sustained a rebellion against the french since the 1880’s.
In USA talk, Vietnam has been walking the “Don’t Tread OnMe” talk since before the Soviet Union was even a twinkle in Lenin’s eye, we just happened to be another foot.
Vietnamese people are baddasss and there is potential for a way cooler hero than “Asian Ivan Drago.”



To offer a possible defense for Joey, if your only exposure to other people and countries comes from mainstream movies and television that is the picture you’ve going to get. It’s sad, but true.

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lol great question.
People have theit opinions about the lore, but the two most hated characters are two of the whitest (Brig and Mercy)
People hate them for how their kits affect the game.
If a new hero’s kit expands and betters the game people will ultimately be happy.
The idea that any backstory or character trait “doesn’t make sense for the game” is completely absurd and a real tip of the hand.

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Can you give us more details on the in game character besides just their ethnicity?
Flesh them out so it doesn’t just seem like tokenism. Abilities etc. if you put the gameplay of the character first you’ll find people favor and support you more.

Any hero can be gay, doesnt take a new one. I mean take all the current male heroes and line them up and you practically have the Village People already.

Trans is a little silly simply from a demographic perspective, there just aren’t very many of them. However an entire global region that comprises the third most populous geographic region in the world with twice the population of the US, with enormous major cities such as Jakarta, Kuala Limpour, and Manila is not exactly stretching it to add to an international cast.

None of the Heroes seem to be anti-country on an extreme level. Just anti-omnic or anti-peace. Which I suppose is OW dev’s way of trying to keep this game from “getting way too real” since it’s supposed to be an escape from the “way too real” stuff irl.

Though I suppose they could be like Widow where they’re all “lol dum amuriken” whenever they kill Soldier/McCree.

Mei, Zenyatta, and the teriyaki bros.
It’s a start

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The only trait Blizzard would take is their ethnicity, as I don’t think they are gonna put a fan character into the game at any point. But they are open to representing different regions.

As a Vietnamese guy I would love an SEA hero. Preferably, Mama Hong.

the filipino hero needs to be a nurse…

Before the French Colonies and Japanese Invasions, Nam was boring. There is little to no history because I’m pretty sure no one knows what ancient practicies they people followed. If they do or did find out, it’s no different than Chinese practices.

Things change, especially since it’s the year 2070 in that game. Doubt that they would hate the U.S. by then, but it is a possibility they could

I just want a male hero. In this game I feel so underepresented atm. Hopefully they make a braindead male hero as the last 3 hero releases have all been braindead and female.

Yeah, but what if I like a character, but don’t like their playstyle? We need 7 billion characters for each playstyle in Overwatch, not just 7 billion total

Let’s um… not do that.

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Yes!! My boyfriend is Filipino and we’d both FREAK if they released a Pinoy hero!

And I can’t believe I need to defend this, but please don’t be triggered. I just want him to be happy with a character he can relate to.

People say that creating a new character for the sake of representation will make look and feel like tokenism. Okay, so make them related to the story somehow.

  • Maybe they had a special interaction with one of the Overwatch heroes, and wanted to join them
  • Maybe they believed that Overwatch was making the world “weak,” as humanity was starting to rely too much on its heroes to solve every problem, so they joined Talon
  • Maybe they’re the sole survivor of a Talon attack that was meant to leave no witnesses
  • Maybe they’re a disgruntled Vishkar employee who saw the bad side of their company
  • Maybe they’re trying to study the cause of the Omnic crisis, so they’re traveling the world, secretly assassinating Omnics and studying them extensively in their lab

I’d like to see that, too. There’s so much beautiful iconography in southeast Asian culture.

Personally, when I think of Southeast Asian heroes my mind comes to the nurses who are working their butts off to provide care to children affected by Agent Orange. No equipment, no funding, no international attention, no hope for a cure–just pure grit and compassion.

And I think something like that would be a very good representation for a hero.