Sounds effects loud or quiet


After the Nov. 14th patch, some sound effects seem either too loud or too quiet.

Lucio: The sound of his right-click (Sound Wave) sounds louder than normal.

Ana: The sound of her left-click, right-click (scoped), and Sleep Dart all sound louder than normal.

Roadhog: The sound of his Right-click sounds louder than normal.

Torbjorn: The sound of his Turret shooting sounds quieter than normal.

The sound of the bots exploding upon death (Training Range) seems louder than normal.


I’m really weirded out that nobody is talking about this because it’s really annoying so… bump?


it is ridiculously annoying how loud the right click is vs how quiet left click is on lucio. Would love an official fix or settings to change


This has been happening to me too since latest patch, Ana is unplayable the right click sound effect is way too loud, same goes for the heroes you mentioned.


The sound effects that are louder are really frustrating, they make playing those characters very difficult.

It’s really hard to concentrate when my ears are exploding and if I turn the sound down to compensate I can’t hear everything properly :frowning_face:

(Scott Lawlor) #6

Hey Everyone, we have a fix for this internally and hope to push it out with our next patch.

In the meantime, there is a workaround. Reset your user volume sliders back to 100 and turn the game down using the Windows volume mixer in the Windows sound options.

Thank you all for bringing the issue to our attention.


thank godness. I haven’t been able to really enjoy the new hog much, because his alt fire is loud as heck…


That works well scott, but then voice chat is SO quiet…


Please add genji’s shurikens to that list, his shurikens when they hit a wall sound SO much louder than normal on PTR


Thanks, does this fix also fix genjis louder shurikens? When they hit a wall its able to be heard from so far away on the PTR


Welp, been having this issue since the December patch now.