Soundbug with Ana


I just noticed, that if Ana shoots with scope the Sound is too high (louder than usual) did someone have the same experience or is it just me?


It is awfully loud, when comparing to others in the practice range they all sound silent in compare to Ana.


Same, happened to me too.


Yeah, I’m getting it too.
Super frustrating when you’re trynna play your main and each shot busts your eardrums


Do we get an update at some point??? Kinda makes ana unplayable in comp for me.


Hope they fix this asap! Can’t play Ana atm because of this

(Scott Lawlor) #7

Hey Everyone, we have a fix for this internally and hope to push it out with our next patch.

In the meantime, there is a workaround. Reset your user volume sliders back to 100 and turn the game down using the Windows volume mixer in the Windows sound options.

Thank you all for bringing the issue to our attention.