Sound: Some hitmarker sounds not working


Hi guys,

So i’m having a sound issue I can’t seem to fix. Basically, randomly, at least half of the little “tick” sounds the game makes when you successfully hit a shot don’t play for me. I still get the little white cross graphic on the crosshair when the shot hits, just no actual sound to go with it. It wouldn’t be a big deal but the inconsistent feedback is really distracting at times.

I’ve tested it in the practice range and the bug happens with several characters e.g. tracer, soldier etc. It happens at all ranges (even point blank) and is definitely not the result of a miss.

Another sound can be heard with some characters like tracer or widow as well. Though, I guess it always plays but you don’t normally notice it. An example would be the metal bullet impact sound on the metal bodies of the training bots.

So far I’ve tried (without success):

  • Reinstalling the game
  • Reinstalling my sound drivers
  • Different audio devices including: bluetooth headphones, audio jack connected speakers, my monitor’s speakers, my laptop’s speakers
  • Enabling and disabling dolby atmos - this is a suggested fix for a known and different (I think) audio issue.

It turns out it is a few other things like collecting a health pack that are affected

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Hi, this is also happening to me since lastest patch. My hitmarker sounds and effects wont trigger most of the time. Weird thing is, it seems to work alright in training mode, but as soon as i get to pvp, they stop working properly.


These sound issues are probably related to major ongoing audio issues happening in the game over the last few months, particularly what you say about the metallic sound when hitting the training bots. You can see I posted a video about that one in this major thread about the audio issues, if you can post about your experience and share any videos you might have to help raise awareness about this ongoing problem: