Sound randomly cutting out/muting (PC)

Hi, recently i’ve noticed that at random points while playing, the sound for overwatch completely cuts out for minutes at a time. If I am on voice chat I can still hear my friend’s voices, however the in-game noises are completely silent. Strangely enough it sometimes comes back on after I respawn.

I have updated my sound drivers, checked my headphones, even uninstalled and reinstalled overwatch…twice. I’ve also looked at disabling all playback devices but the only one that is working is the main sound device for my pc (see here - prntscr. com/kcohwu )

I’d like for some help fixing this as I depend heavily on sound while playing and the sound issue has caused me a lot of lost games due to a rogue rip tire or reaper ult that I couldn’t even hear coming.


Its a bug that seems to have cropped up at least since the patch just before Hammond/Wrecking Ball.
The current work around is to turn on DOLBY 7.1 then instantly turn it off since it seems to refresh the audio and get it working again.
The issue is with overwatch not your computer, we just need to wait until the devs acknowledge the issue and work to fixing the issue.

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Ok, good to know that it’s not just me getting the issue. Hope they get this fixed soon as it’s quite an irritating bug.


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Hey, why is it only this lone thread talking about this? Feels like no one else is having this specific issue. I’ve also been experiencing this and done all I can but I’m pretty sure the problem is with the game.

Bump I guess?

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I am having this issue as well.

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The issue is people are getting the issue and making a topic to talk about it instead of pooling all the complaints into one bigger thread.
If we all talk in one large channel then it might get a dev response.

That thread has a dev response saying they are aware of the issue and will work to fix it.
Current fix is to turn on DOLBY 7.1 then turn it off instantly as it will reset the audio.

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