Sound problems with footsteps/ults

Ive tried and tried but not getting anything to work out. After i started using my Razer Chimaera headset i cant hear people behind me nor alot of the enemy ults. Ive had a Genji and Doomfist right behind me several times without hearing so much as a footstep. I Play alot of widow, so you can see this is not a fun thing. The problem was not there before when i used my iPhone earplugs, but after changing i cant hear anything useful anymore.

I`ve seen alot of tips and tricks on different forums and sites, but nothing has helped. Please help me if anyone knows the problem or is this a sound bug?

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It’s un-clear what you’ve already tried but I’ll make a guess you have spacial sound disabled? have you checked to see if it’s enabled?

Thank you for the reply, yes i have unchecked the spacial sound. Ive tried different settings in the volume controlpanel aswell as trying out dolby on the headset/in-game

It’s been awhile since I’ve used any razer product but perhaps there’s a driver update for it or a firmware update? I have a Logitec G933 wireless headset and don’t see this happening. If you haven’t tried I would check to see if Razer has a driver update available for them, not sure they are managed through the synapse software like the mouse.

I am assuming you’re on PC

Yes, im on PC, im downloading the synapse right now to check and going online :wink:

You can try enabling spacial sound, I hear this helps increase FPS too. A good read here too, might actually explain some of the problems.

This is just a QP highlight i got to save, have not found a way to hear people behind me again…