Sound broken on PTR


My sound on the PTR is pretty broken. My gun (Bastion’s Recon gun) sounds like it’s firing from behind me, gunshots and explosions are very loud, and I can hear my bullets hitting objects from across the map. I had the same settings I use on live, then I reset everything to default (though nothing other than the voice chat options changed), and it’s still the same.

Turned off Windows Spatial Audio. Here’s how for anyone who might find this thread in the future.


But surely this needs to be looked at by Blizzard anyway?
They added the support. So there should not be a problem having it on. And if supported, having it on could be quite useful. It is clearly broken and bugged in some way. This needs to be looked at.


I’m not entirely sure is their fault. I think it’s probably Microsoft and/or Razer Synapse (I’m using a Kraken 3.1 or something like that for anyone who sees this and cares) not playing well with it. The second one is more likely.


Dude it is a bug.
Same bug has happend before. Pretty sure they are working on a fix