Sorry we were unable to log you in?

Yep, happening to me aswell.

Maintenance just started I think.

yeah our whole game got booted, only my one friend playing on asian region stayed in the game. everyone else mustve been NA region and got booted off. now i cant even get back in OW at all

edit: nevermind i just realized theres a maintenance.

same here, was in a game then got kicked out and couldnt get back in.

nvm. i think i found the reason: We expect to take the servers down at approximately 7pm PDT for an estimated one-hour maintenance to implement further fixes.

FFS why is it every mp shooter I try to play over the last week have had mountains of server issues. Every damn game lately has some kind of major server issue.

Thing is, it is actually 8.15pm PDT x) Big approximation, haha.

they did that last maintenance, time was off by 1hr.

Oh it is NEVER an hour, ever. Very few times have I seen a server maintenance end when it was supposed to, even less so when it comes to blizzard.

same here. read a bit on the replies. maintenance on-going? but there’s no indication of that. there was one a few days back. but the one now is unknown cause why we couldn’t log in. some context is appreciated from the team.

They said they would do a 1 hour maintenance at 6pm PDT. Got pushed back to 7pm PDT. Actually happened at 8.15 PDT x)

They announced it on Twitter.

check the annoucenment forum. its there, not on the launcher somehow.

they need it post in on the launcher. not everyone will see that. also, 6 PM PDT for an hour should have passed. but i guess this is blizzard; nothing is as it indicate. :face_exhaling:

Why this isn’t the norm is beyond me…

tbh, i look it up as soon as you mentioned. but i didn’t find that thread on announcement

says maintenance should of been done around 9:30pm. Anyone else having trouble logging in rn?

If you cant login, good chance servers are down or (as like now, its in maint)

just check the relative PT time / google “current pt time”

here, its well hidden, but it shows on the right side when you first click into the forum. Overwatch 2 Status Update - October 7, 2022

that is really bad. if i were to take that announcement and convert it to my time and then add the current announcement on launcher. it will mean that it will be down for 3 and a half hours minimum! yes. there’s another announcement hovering over launcher that wasn’t before. because in conversion 7 PDT for an hour isn’t bad. but over on launcher there’s another maintenance on mine saying half hour maintenance from 7 CEST. considering the initial first hour maintenance isn’t done, the 2nd will just continue on i presume

they took it down a little before it started. it’s been pinned up there and edited for hours

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