'Sorry' voiceline


Look, everyone screws up sometimes. Earlier today i didn’t follow my team to the enemy flag in CTF as DVa and they all got die die died. I could have saved them if i wasn’t doing…i don’t even remember what i was doing, emoting? who knows

anyway, i really think it would be nice to be able to say ‘my bad’ with some fun voiceline in a situation like this and help the team move on

chances are if there’s an option for teammates to admit mistakes in a fun way, there will be less toxicity and more happy sunshine and all that stuff

isn’t that what you want, Blizzard?


I agree I think all heroes should have a “sorry” voice line. It’s awkward trying to type in that you made a mistake when you don’t have access to a mic.


Would love this. Sometimes I let people die because I didn’t get healing to them fast enough and I’d like to let them know that I know I messed up so they don’t sit there hating me or thinking I’m ignoring them. We don’t have text chat on console, so I don’t have a way to tell them outside of voice chat.


I think there was something like that, look it up. I think dataminers found some sorry lines that just never made it to the game

Edit: Search “overwatch sorry lines” on youtube


my team mates would spam this voiceline after I make them eat their words.
#dontswitchoffsymmetra (jk)


I’d also be in favor of a “Sorry” voice line.

Also a “Good job!” voice line would be nice.


This would be great we could use more positive voicelines.

I would like this ^ a lot too but I can already see people spamming it sarcastically just like the “Thanks” voiceline.


I actually don’t see that happen too often. Usually I see people use it after they’ve been healed or saved from certain death.


Play Mei if you make mistakes often


I’m all for the voiceline don’t get me wrong but especially depending on what the hero says im sure it could work both ways.


My bad and maybe a good job or something for those kick A ults or saves


It’s my time to shine!

As useful as a “Sorry” line is, it is destined to be used for sarcasm or some other bitterness, or perhaps simply not used at all by the majority, devs even had it in mind at a certain point in the game’s early days, they had few voice actors record apologetic lines, but in the end, it was scrapped.


I really want a sorry voiceline for mercy, when i miss rez a person. But not an annoying one like mei’s that tilts everyone.


VGS similar to paladins/smite would actually be cool too.
But yeah, we need a sorry


“Sorry” voice line, “Good job” voice line, wow, what amazing and wholesome ideas! :slight_smile: I would spam those all day! Because a) I’m a dummy who messes up and b) I want to cheer my team on.

I wholeheartedly support this! :slight_smile:


If they add a sorry line in the interaction menu, then I want them to also add a “fall back” line to it


Mei has something like that and its only purpose it’s to annoy the hell out of people by spamming it.


Oh i love the Smite VGS.

But it’s intentionally made to encourage trash talking/spamming annoying voicelines and i don’t think Blizzard rolls like that.


Or Widow



That’s true although we get some voice lines spam. And I don’t know how it’s used by the players in Smite, I just know it is from Smite as Paladins used Smite as foundations for a long time, even the tips in the game used Smite tips for a very long time, and Paladins players abuse it just the same as someone who would spam voice lines in Overwatch.
It’s a great communication tree.