Sorry cant log you in bug

“Sorry, We were unable to log you in.
this is how the bug looks anyone else got it?


My husband and I both just got booted and now are receiving a “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” error.

It’s not a bug. OW2 is down for maintenance…

They are performing maintenance from 3:00 pdt - 4:00pdt and again from 6-9pdt tonight

Where is that announced?

You can see it in the launcher , I swear it wasn’t there before I spent 3 hours logging in, but yeah. must have been very “scheduled”

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This is all my launcher says:

“Players may still experience unexpected errors, but servers are beginning to stabilize. Thank you for your patience.”

I have tried restarting it several times.

It’s in the known issues thread where they’re keeping all updated.

I’m not sure, but I did log out and back in and can see it up top by the yellow exclamation point drop-down thingie

Exact same thing, just happened a few minutes ago after the launcher suddenly started an update, the build is now and the game won’t log in at all, either in Europe or in Asia. And here I hoped for one last quick match before sleep since the servers kinda stabilized today. Oh well.

Edit: just found out they planned downtime around this hour, nevermind! Hopefully this will fix the game

It states in the known issue thread about downtime for fixes etc

Launcher makes no mention of maintenance during peak times, of course. It just says the now usual “unexpected errors”. Is that the new name for maintenance?

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I’ve been having the same problem for about an hour now

Its maintenance it says so in the chat at the login screen. So 1 hour, maybe they are able to fix some bugs and/or go full speed on merge data transport, who knows. Cant be much worse then the last 3 hours, my login queue time went x12. Lets hope for the best


It’s in this thread if you scroll down. I tried to screenshot my launcher but apparently I can’t upload photos here

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They are expanding server capacity… Untill 6PM/PT (estimated time: 3 hours)