Sooo where is these '' PVP live service '' focus went?

people expecting them to go full throttle on PVP live service now since PVE canceled so far i didn’t see anything about taking care PVP live service side even more… and all i see people still complaining about matchmaking ?! wtf that thing started since season 2 and they haven’t fixed it

like i said again and again Team 4 is the laziest one compare to other team on blizzard entertainment

im expecting they canceled the focus on OW2 PVP live service and developed OW3


I figure development and focus on the PVE everyone is mad about losing was ramped down severely about a year ago and that was the “shift in focus”. They told everyone to work on the PVP things for the OW2 “release” and that talent trees and hero missions would be backburnered “for now”.

We HAVE been seeing the “focused” product. It will continue at this rate. They just finally admitted they won’t be going BACK to trying to make the two at the same time.

Don’t expect any rise in release or content density.

I will be surprised if they manage to maintain what they’ve been doing.

Purely opinion and based on what I’ve observed, but I am pretty confident this is exactly what happened and what is happening.