Sooo... the Hog changes?

Cool so when are we seeing those Mercy changes? How about any of the other balance people actually ask for? Man I’m hype, can’t wait for you guys to fix Mercy, Symmetra, Brigitte, Doomfist, Sombra, Junkrat, Bastion, and all the other heroes you’ve been ignoring. Sick bro, I’m so ready for this. Big Mercy changes for everyone asking. Dude just spill the beans, we are so hype for these changes it’s not even measurable! Lets get it!

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and some plans for Symmetra primary fire? It’s not pefereable in close range respect the second fire.

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You’ve been visted by our gods OP

Yeah I think they’ll look at his tanking capabilities.

Using his heal while moving was a good buff, until Brig entered the scene. Interupting his heals has made him quite weak to stuns.

I’d like to see take a breather have 2 charges that heals for half the current version. This gives him some room for error if the first heal gets interupted.


Exactly the point of my post but the forums screamed and cried and Blizz listened to them instead of basing it on play data.


It’s nice to know hog is getting more changes to hopefully fix him after you broke him, but what about Mercy. Shes terrible now.

Inward groan


hog was more or less fine before brigitte
he had his own place in the meta and performed pretty well in that role

with brig being added to the game you can just press w against hog/orisa comps so they lost a lot of value on a lot of maps

that’s completely different than a hero being nerfed out of relevance

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Jeff Kaplan 94 posts
Overwatch Developer

What does that tell you?


Please make Roadhog the apocalypse again, Jeff! That’s all I’m begging for!

And maybe a speedo skin, but please help my favorite tank!


Christmas event is coming up so a matching speedo skin to go with beachrat would be great


Please, Santa Jeff! PLease consider!!
If he matched his spray with the Christmas wreath around his neck, I can die happy!

I think they will make him more of a tank but its so hard to tell tbh, they have had 2 chances to tell us but nothing yet

Honestly, that sounds a bit like a nerf to me. Instead of the full 300 burst heal, it takes twice as long to heal up because you have to use it again? Or, do they speed it to match the current time, if that were the case, it would be pretty difficult just to time the stun in the first place. In that event, why not just have the heal apply faster and be done with it?

Well it can be balanced with number tweaks, but Hog’s heals isn’t really burst. It takes several seconds to heal the full 300.

I’d be ok with Breather applying faster though, but it can be a razor edge number. Too fast and opponents can’t counter play it.

Maybe the healing can be applied without being interuptable, but heals for a little less or takes longer to apply?

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Be patient, my fellow boars.

Hopefully, we will know the changes in less than 48 hours. Dont hype and relax. Enjoy the fall season views. Prepare your halloween costumes.



honestly roadhog has the worst dance in the game, wish he could have tracers that actually looks very good

when is by the end of the week? is that sunday?

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Let other people have a chance, she’s been at the top of the concern list for over a year now because of a bigger problem before, think of it as mercy being temporarily put on hold.

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So, if we’ve got another PTR patch incoming - does that mean we’re likely to get a new hero next ?
Given that Blizcon is going on it seems like a reasonable assumption.

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I think that “worst dance” fits well with roadhog. The only thing I dont like about it is the clap gesture with the hand.

I dislike the Ana dance instead.

PTR Patches usually are on tuesday or thursday

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