Soo .. Same content cycle, but worse?

That doesn’t really make a difference though, does it? It’s still 3 heroes a year.

It’s not! If the game lasts as long as Poytheon thinks it will, we will go through a calendar year with only 2 heroes in it.


lmao what? same heroes and maps? no? 2cp is gone, so a lot of cool maps are gone too - current map cycle in ranked and qp is lower than in OW1 - we instead got push mode which is really meh in my personal opinion.

new core game modes? elaborate?

pve? we dont know anything about it and what its going to be like so dont see any point mentioning it just yet, may as well turn out to be even bigger cancer monetization fest

game is a stepback, missing large portion of features that were present in original game, not to mention mmr system thats in shambles

in fact it kinda feels like they have released OW2 first (as OW1) accidentally


Referring to the content cycle. 3 heroes and 3 maps every year. It’s the same.

They plan to release a new core mode every year apparently.

We know plenty. But anyway, it’s slated to come this year. It’s part of the content cycle.

Nope. Not really. 20 chars

until its all released we dont know anything
ow2 release has proved this being a major step back and disappointment in many areas, even with stuff that was not spoken about before release that came to be


It’s slated for release in the official roadmap, so it’s part of the content cycle. If 2023 ends and we don’t get those things, then sure.

forget about seeing the hero ban in a game where the main mechanic is to counter pick lol and why do you want clans in this crap do you know how little sense it makes?

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It makes enough sense for Blizzard to work on it lol, because it’s been confirmed that clans are on the way :smile:

Don’t forget all the features in the game they left out in the transition.


People wanted Overwatch 1 back. Now, we have it! :rofl:

It’s to accomodate the sliver of a playerbase remaining after every greed driven decision recently.

If there was a slider aptly named “PlayerRetentionVSMonetizationAgressiveness” it’d be all the way on the right side.

Which is weird to me, as usually you’d want a sizeable population to actually buy all the cosmetics you put out but whatever.

No joke, play deathmatch. Either you wait anywhere from 3-10 or even up to 30-45 minutes OR you come into a game with 60-80% familiar faces and/or people who were in your previous games(today or other days).
Leave that game and try to find another? highly unlikely.

I wonder how much longer they keep up the sherade.


More like Spoilers of hero talents

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“They need money to fund their content”

Okay, where’s the content?


Do you know how much time it took them to create the “Titan” Title? they need all the funds they can get.

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the name change: OW2 microtransations-R-us

Someone didn’t look in the shop and it shows

They added a trophy lol you know, those budget emotes fueled by cringe.

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The game is dead. Maintenance mode. Remember when they promise faster balance patches? Oh wait they did that for the past 6 years so far and still haven’t kept to their word. Remember the Roadhog rework suppose to be in mid-January. There is no sign of it.