Soo .. Same content cycle, but worse?

Slower balance changes, same new hero cycle as pre covid (just now it’s announced lol), no new skins in events, no new features like clan system or hero bans…

Did i miss anything?


Nope, that about covers it. And while I still have fun playing it for the most part, OW2 is an embarrassing shell of a game.


It really is sad to say I get more new content per week in destiny then I do for an entire month in OW.


I remember when people on this forum claimed that a microtransaction system would enable blizzard to speed up the release schedule.

I told them they were kidding themselves. Yet, here we are. Heroes release three times a year. Just like before.


Except you can’t even play them right away unless you have the battle pass… this game is a joke.


Technically better content cycle.

  • Same heroes and maps
  • New events and event modes
  • New core game modes
  • PVE

Clan system is on the way incidentally. So that doesn’t support the idea that the content cycle is worse.

A system for grouping isn’t content.


Hey, I’m just going off what the OP included in their post.

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New Junkenstein was the only new event mode of note. Heroes of Olympus was a blatant cash grab to try and sell skins, just an unbalanced deathmatch pretty much… Winter event just recycled existing modes. Capture the flag/bounty hunter are both modes that already existed too. What’s there to be excited about? The opportunity to grind for a spray and a voiceline maybe? Earn an old skin we already have?

I hate push, and I’m not alone in that. What other core modes have they added?

We don’t have PvE or any news on when it will come (other than a 2023 date that they may walk back on).

I doubt it.


Less maps, nonsensical MMR, Rank not reflecting actual skill level…


Wrath of the Bride and Battle for Olympus are both new modes :+1:

None yet. We are talking about the content cycle. That means the content that is going to be released too.

BfO is literally just deathmatch with a limited hero pool and workshop mode buffs.


Sure is. I don’t recall saying you had to like it.

I never even played it :smile:

I addressed why I don’t count Heroes of Olympus. Junkenstein was good, if we got stuff of that quality for events I would be happy… but Heroes of Olympus is just deathmatch with a limited pool of heroes and a couple of new abilities. It’s lazy, it’s unbalanced, and I have zero respect for it as an ‘event’ when it’s just there to try and get you to go buy their Olympian themed skins.

It’s been months, and we have no sign of PvE, no update on when it will be arriving etc. They can promise they’ll add it, but they’ve walked back on promises plenty of times, lied to their player base etc. Until it’s added to the content cycle, I’m not including it. Maybe it will release December this year, and we’ve basically waited an entire year of the ‘content’ cycle being recycled events with nothing to earn, heroes we can’t play, the removal of maps for no real reason (it does not make each season feel ‘fresh’), exceedingly slow balance updates…

Maybe December this year we’ll get our first update on PvE and they’ll promise it will be out in 2024. Who can tell.


Wrath of the Bride is pretty much the same, it featured the 4 new heroes all of which coincidentally had new skins. Plus they choose to put Junker Queen, a close range tank with a pull, in a game mode where enemies explode in close range…

I wouldnt be shocked if every event moving forward is just a glorified skin ad where they disregard balance.


I understand that you don’t personally consider it a new mode, but it objectively is whether you or I like it or not.

If that’s your view, then fine. Agree to disagree.

Warlock Ashe was not a new skin.

My bad, had an actual bran slip there, either way my point still stands, the 3 new heroes all with skins and Junker Queen being shoved in despite how awfuly desgined she was for the game mode.

Oh, they definitely had slimy motives for including the newest heroes and kitting them out in skins that people had to pay money for… (also lol, Sojourn didn’t even have a halloween skin, they just stuck her in a cyberpunk one and called it a day), but more effort was put into it than they Olympus one. They had a… kind of story, different sections to work through, and it wasn’t just a copy paste of deathmatch with some tweaks to abilities.

It could have been better. I didn’t feel compelled to play through it more than a couple of times. But I’d take it over Yeti hunter, capture the flag, deathmatch with fancy skins, bounty hunter etc.

After Junkenstein, people were let down by how little events let them earn, but hopeful that we’d at least be seeing new modes… but in reality, we ain’t getting either. Capitalism sure does breed innovation.


Turns out, it was all to make more money to the executives and shareholders ! Who could have foreseen that it was to make money money, not to make a better game


Fun fact, it’s very slightly slower than it was before.

9 week seasons, 52 week year = 5.778 events per year. Every other event is a new hero, so we’re getting 2.9 heroes per year. Huzzah!