Someone please tell me they’re having the same problems as m

Idk if anyone will read this but I just need to vent and hopefully maybe other people are in the same boat so I know it’s not just me. The launch of overwatch 2 has been nothing but hell for me, I know it’s been hell for every one but I feel like everything that could go wrong with my account, has. I see people talk about the long queue times, missing cosmetics and locked hero’s etc but literally everything is wrong with my account. My account has been completely wiped, no skins, no golden guns basically any progress from ow 1 has gone. I even had to do the tutorial… a completely fresh account. To top that off despite owning the season pass I don’t have access to kiriko, it acknowledges I have the season pass and am unlocking the stuff but I can’t equip the stuff I’ve supposedly unlocked or use kiriko in games at all. The shop is also completely none existent to me. There’s no option to open the shop, it’s just not there lol the account merge button keeps appearing then disappearing but when it is there is just puts me in a queue to merge, get to end of queue, tells me merge is complete and to restart the game, restart the game so in another 20/30 minute queue just to find out my account hasn’t merges at all and I’m in another merge queue!! It does this over and over until the account merge option just disappears then comes back hours later. I posted a ticket or whatever it’s called and I was told to check if I have the correct account connected to and I have checked over and over it is the correct account that I have had linked for months. So no account, no kiriko, no shop and long queues. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT JUST ME IM LOSING MY MIND

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Yeah, that stuff’s been happening to most people trying to play. I haven’t gotten in yet, so I can’t tell you my experience with it, but my friends all had their stuff wiped (except for 1 but he got lucky).

They said they’re fixing it, but we don’t have an ETA on it yet. Should hopefully be fixed next week.

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All happening to me. Thousands in the same boat. It’s a joke, and a brutal feeling.

We have to wait… Crickets currently on a timeline.


It’s nice to know as horrible at that sounds haha I see a lot of people on Twitter talking about missing cosmetic and other stuff but not seen hardly anyone on there mention their accounts being wiped so I felt like it was just me. Been able to play Kiriko would help a little bit to get practise on her while they fix stuff but I can’t even do that so it makes me feel like there’s no point playing

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Fixes are going out tonight

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Paragraphs are a thing.

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