Someone explain this logic to me

No offense… but I think you kinda missed your own point there.
If a Doomfist is dead set on killing you on Zen or Ana with his ult he’ll put it on you right center… with the first moment of realizing, trying to get out of that Dead Zone is nearly impossible already… and increasing the size of it is supposed to make it harder to get free kills with it?
Seriously… if your goal actually was to make this free kill harder you’d reduce the size of his Inner ring… not increase it.

The outer ring damage will cap at 200 damage, and with its area being smaller (because of increase of inner ring), it means the falloff will be more accentuated. So if you can escape the inner ring, its more probable you will survive.

Currently, if you are close to the inner ring, you still take 200+ damage even if you are not at the center.

i mean, we’d most likely lose 50% health in the outter ring anyway, which would be followed up with a slam or punch if you’re caught in the knock back. Doesn’t seem to change much but guarantee a kill near the center.

Shouldnt be possible if you are with your team, that should peel for you and punish a doom that gets in too deep