Some sound effects cut out


Sometimes when entering a game, a static pop sound plays and when entering the game, some sound effects go missing (such as point capture sound, footsteps sound, other sfx along those lines). I have checked my volume to make sure they are all at 100, and they are.

Sounds that I know go missing:

  • Footstep sounds
  • Point capture sound/objective won/lost sound
  • Torbjorn turret upgrade sound/molten core sound
  • Sfx for hero abilities (e.g. Pharah jump jet, Tracer blink)
  • Ambient music
  • Loot box “thump” and other loot-box related sfx
  • Weapon fire sounds
  • Spray sounds
  • Other minor sound effects

Sounds that persist:

  • Heroes saying voice lines (Hello, Thanks, voice line)
  • Athena voice

Note that this happens everywhere in the game, but at unexpected moments.

This may be just me or others have experienced it as well. It started occuring after the LFG patch.

It does become annoying, because at 192000hz, I can hear static noise while I’m playing in place of the missing sound effects.

Sound is crucial to playing the game and listening to the environment, and with 75% of sounds missing it’s cost me a few games.

This does not occur on the PTR.

MAJOR Game-Breaking Audio Issues! :loud_sound:
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I also had this problem!



Most of the time the weapon sounds gets muffled or disappears completely.

This all started after the new patch. The popping sound to me appears usually mid game and screws the sounds after that point.


Can confirm this is happening on my system too. ‘popping’ sounds when sound effects should be playing. Have run through the usual checks for desktop issues (updated drivers, etc). Did a scan and repair, some files were downloaded first time but problem returned.


Bumping this thread because this is a critical issue in the eyes of the people who are severely affected by this.


Same here. And we STILL have no blues to say anything about this :slight_smile:


Same, really annoying especially as winston


Having this issue as well, also tried the scan and repair. My guess is that it has something to do with “Combat can now be heard 25% further away” from the patch notes


There have been quite a number of sound issues lately, especially with footsteps either being way too quiet or way too loud. Here’s a video from my playing today where I trip a venom mine but there’s no explosion sound effect, only coughing from the gas. Just after that a Hanzo is running right next to me but you can’t barely hear him at all, while the Widow meters away shoots her machine gun and it’s loud as crazy.


So I was playing yesterday when this happened. McCree blindsides me in a quiet Petra corridor, nobody around, and his footsteps are so quiet they’re basically inaudible, no way to react until it’s already too late. You can actually hear a Symmetra walking above me far louder than the McCree who’s right next to me.

What’s more, his gunshots actually drown out the sound effect of his using the jump platform, which momentarily confuses me to his location when I peek around the corner during the fight.


There’s now a major thread discussing these dropped audio issues, if you can post about your experience with the problem there or have any relevant footage to add to the growing clamor about this issue please lend us your voice:


I have that problem too on Sombra’s finishing sound for hack :thinking: