Sombra's hacked melee damage is bugged

Sombra is supposed to deal 25% additional damage to hacked targets, but unfortunately this is not applied to melee damage, it does normal 30 when it’s supposed to be 37. Every other damage boosting ability increases melee damage but not Opportunist, so this is quite inconsistent.
Some may think that additional 7 damage is nothing, but at times it can be all that’s needed to secure a kill.
This bug has existed since OW2 Alpha, so it’s way overdue for a fix.


Thank you for reporting this @TannisRoot-2910. Replying to confirm that I encounter and can reproduce this issue too.


Sombra’s OPPORTUNIST passive is described by Hero Details in-game as, “You detect critically injured enemies through walls, and deal more damage to hacked enemies.” Her Machine Pistol (gun) weapon attacks do deal more damage to hacked enemies, but her melee attacks do NOT.

Steps to Reproduce:

This is easily reproducible:

  1. Navigate to and enter the Practice Range.
  2. Select Sombra as your chosen hero.
  3. Approach an enemy Training Bot and stop (stand) in melee range.
  4. Repeatedly press the appropriate controller button or key bound to the QUICK MELEE ability, causing Sombra to melee attack the enemy Training Bot… count the number of attacks invoked before the enemy is eliminated (7).
  5. Once the enemy Training Bot respawns, activate Sombra’s HACK ability while targeting it… then, repeat step #4.
  6. Observe that the number of melee attacks required is the same, regardless of whether the enemy was hacked or not.

NOTE: For more precision:

  • You can also observe and compare the enemies’ health bar as you run through these steps.
  • You can also spawn an enemy Roadhog and run through these steps on him if you suspect the increased damage OPPORTUNIST provides happens to not add up to enough to negate at least 1 less melee attack required for elimination. Roadhog will require 19 melee attacks, regardless of being hacked or not. Keep in mind that due to his increased health, you will need to reactivate (reapply) the HACK ability multiple times to ensure he remains affected during every melee attack of step #5, as it otherwise wears off prematurely.


  • Microsoft Windows (PC)
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Microsoft Xbox Series S
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch (Handheld mode)
  • Nintendo Switch (Tabletop mode)
  • Nintendo Switch (TV mode)
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • Valve Steam (PC)

Additional Details:

This issue has been reported before:

Thank you.


UPDATE: This issue was still present and reproducible, even after the releases of the 25-OCT-2022, 17-NOV-2022, 06-DEC-2022, 15-DEC-2022, 05-JAN-2023, 24-JAN-2023, 07-FEB-2023, 21-FEB-2023, 07-MAR-2023, 25-APR-2023, 09-MAY-2023, 17-MAY-2023, 13-JUN-2023, 28-JUN-2023, 11-JUL-2023, 10-AUG-2023, 24-AUG-2023, 07-SEP-2023, 19-SEP-2023 and 21-SEP-2023 patches…

However, the release of the 10-OCT-2023 patch included a “hero rework” of Sombra. And, with it, Sombra’s OPPORTUNIST passive was entirely removed.

So, while this issue was never directly “resolved”, it no longer appears to be relevant (assuming the removal of Sombra’s OPPORTUNIST passive is not later reverted).