Sombra's Detrimental Bugs 2: Electric Boogaloo


To cut to the point, for over 6 months, Sombra is still a buggy hero. None of the fixes have actually taken place, nor has the LOS change to Sombra’s Hack has done any favours for anyone. This thread will be listing all of the bugs that have been “fixed” and/or new bugs that came from the game updates overall.
This issue needs the persistent help from everyone, otherwise we would get nowhere being told that “the issue was dealt with” despite it being more than 6 months since I and others collectively found all the evidence the megathread on the old forums. If we all work together, let us see how long this would take to actually see some action.

Ideally, this thread won’t be placed or moved to the Bug Report page as it doesn’t have the same traffic or attention that this thread gets.

Translocator Bugs:
Phantom Translocate: Whenever you throw Translocator, you would go to teleport to safety, it instead teleports you on the spot you were on, making it hard to evade to safety. (Stated to be fixed in Patch 1.8.0)

Ghost Throw: Sometimes when you throw your Translocator, whether to get into danger or out of it, it shows the animation for the Translocator but nothing comes out. (Stated to be fixed in Patch 1.14.1)

Lagging Hitbox: Sombra’s hitbox lingers whenever she teleports which makes it annoying for evading enemies in close calls. (Statted to be fixed in Patch 1.13.0)

Sporadic Camera: When Translocating, the users camera will move in involuntary movements, which would be dangerous in fights. This bug is the follow up effect of the Lagging Hitbox bug. (No word of fix)

Suicide Translocate: Instead of Throwing the Translocator and expecting it to fail, this causes the Translocate to continue in undesirable locations that lead to obvious death, unless you wait out all of the 20 seconds. (This is the most recent and the most aggressive of all the bugs that Sombra has dealt with)

Hack Bugs
Sombra Hack Priority: Hack still persists when hacking a Reaper doing Wraith, a Tracer Recalls, or even when someone kills them in a small window you lose your Hack. (Despite the nerf to make it more harder to play Sombra, this made brought about a whole slew of bugs)

Hack Cast Stutter: Casting Hack would have the chance of cancelling Hack whilst having no LOS breakage. (No word of fix)

Hack Cast Slide: Casting Hack would slide to a new target whilst continuing the casting duration as if it were the original locked-on target. (No word of fix)

Hack Buff Null: Hack takes the original 0.8-1 second cast time as opposed to the new 6.5 cast time. (No word of fix)

Tap Hack: An incomplete casting of Hack that still allows the effect of Hack. (This one is bad for both ends)

Health Pack Ownership: The Hacked health pack will now display that it belongs to the enemy as opposed to your allies. (No word of fix yet)

Shield Bugs

Orisa Interaction: Sombra using EMP to destroy shields doesn’t destroy shield. (No word of Fix)

Brig/Rein Interaction: Shield has some funky interaction whether the shield is up or it is being cast. (No word of fix)

All of these have been taken as of March 2018 with WorstSombra’s recent video being the biggest contributor to this list; now there’s no denying that Sombra NEEDS to be revisited and would need continuous reinforcement of “watching over” if this continues happening. Enough is enough. We don’t need nerfs to compensate for bug fixes, just fix her.

Why do people hate on sombra so much?
Still nothing for Sombra
Sombra bug compilation

I put your links below. Just hope it works.

Translocator Bugs

Phantom Translocate

Ghost Throw

Sporadic Camera

Delay Camera Movement

Hack Bugs

Sombra Hack Priority

Hack Cast Stutter

Hack Cast Slide

Shield Bugs

Orisa Interaction

Brig/Rein Interaction

EDIT to include ParanoiDrone’s clips. I’ll try separating them so it doesn’t become a wall of vids.

Hack sometimes fail for no apparent reason
1 to 4
5 to 8
9 to 12
Hack sometimes take longer than the advertised 0.65s to complete.
Hack sometimes switches targets mid-hack
Hack sometimes completes despite losing connection to the target
Hack sometimes works in situations that it shouldn't
Hack sometimes breaks in situations that might be working as intended but nonetheless feel frustrating to the Sombra


Oh god, that reference in the title tho lol.


I really hope they do a BIG BUG FIX for Sombra just like they did with Doomfist.




Summarized it for everyone.

As someone who came to greatly enjoy Doomfist well after his release/downfall, I hope Sombra gets justice in her balance and her bugfixing.


I got clickbaited so hard by that title.


You guys are doing the real work. Hack the bugs away.


I have never posted on the Blizzard message boards, but this post caused me to finally log in and post.

I am a Sombra main, and I have been dealing with EVERYTHING OP has posted on a weekly basis.

I feel that it is egregious how Blizzard is taking changes to this character in comparisons to past changes with other heroes.

It appears that they were too afraid of losing dollars in the OWL because of her changes. To this date, they have never made any changes to a hero this fast than the last “rework” to Sombra.

I beg Blizzard. PLEASE! PLEASE! Fix her LOS issues ASAP.

I promise she won’t destroy the precious OWL and your bottom line will remain the same.


“Detected” message is also not working properly, as seen in one of Fitzy’s latest streams. This gives us false information of being not detected, although the enemy can clearly see us!

Patchnotes March 20th:
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Sombra to be visible to enemies without displaying a “Detected” notification during Stealth


Give Sombra a debugger!


Theres a bug on getting credit when you hack an enemy and it falls on a pit like pharah, winston, doomfist, etc. It looks like the player just committed suicide.


Watching Sombra streams you’re virtually guaranteed at least one bug every game or so. Fitzy fills basically all of the downtime between rounds rewatching bug clips from the last round. Usually they aren’t a huge deal, but occasionally they’re on game changing plays. Very disheartening, especially considering her current spot in the rankings.


Incoming list of video clips. Thanks for making this thread. I really hope Blizzard eventually sees fit to address these issues.

  1. Hack sometimes fails for no readily apparent reason.

  1. Hack sometimes takes longer than the advertised 0.65s to complete.

  1. Hack sometimes switches targets mid-hack.

  1. Hack sometimes completes despite losing connection to the target.

  1. Hack sometimes works in situations that it shouldn’t.

  1. Hack sometimes breaks in situations that might be working as intended but nonetheless feel frustrating to the Sombra.


Didn’t know about this one, I can add it in if you can get some GIF or video link so we can show this still happens.

Good job collecting all these links, I’ll try to add them later and check to see if everything is close to the newest patch. Just to assure that the devs can’t deny that nothing is actually fixed.


I honestly feel like a big bug fix is coming since in the last update video they had a Sombra theme

Its probably coming after the event or with Symmetras rework


Meanwhile at Blizzard HQ…
Blizzard Employee: “The community has found a lot of bugs within Sombra’s kit. I’m going to forward this thread to the QA team.”

Blizzard Employee: “What was I doing?”


This thread is my favorite


This is my first time posting on forums. Please fix Sombra, ever since the LoS changes everything has been awful.


Didn’t know that was still an issue. If you or anyone can show this happening in a recent patch, then I can add it in.

Also, do post any other bugs that I may’ve missed. Even just evidence of the same bugs is cool.