Sombra's Delay is Whats Killing Her. 😍

Yes… sadly, I wish I can un-see it.

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Yup she’s soooo oppressive that nobody plays her in her niche situations that she’s not even that good at. Especially now with the new Symmetra who does a better job setting up plays and enabling other heroes who would’ve also benefitted from anything EMP or hack had to offer. :smiley:


Not even the pros can play her.

Oh, no. They could. They just didn’t want to play against her. So they had her gutted. :smile:

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Eh, I am convinced that none could really play her effectively, but I do agree that none wanted to play against her.


The only passives it needed to shut down is Genji and Hanzo, who still had enough mobility to escape Sombra without it. Lucio and Pharah didn’t need be completely worthless just because a Sombra was in play…

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They just need better teamwork.

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They just need to know how to play with and against her. They completely avoided her from the start because she was weak.
When she got bumped up for a bit you could tell the pros that had played her because of the huge difference in skill level between them and the ones who were just playing her for her utility.

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That is literally what teamwork is.

But that is not the problem. I was being sarcastic, because all these excuses are memeable at this point. They’ve existed for 18 months, and while she’s been tweaked, it always came at a cost and she’s always been bad as a consequence.

Even those pros were quick to drop her in spite of their ‘successes’ because successes came more easily, reliably and often on other heroes.

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I remember people complained about her Hack being too instant, so it got nerfed a little.

I do agree that her Stealth has a delay in between invisibility and becoming visible, which makes her an easy target sometimes.

Maybe they can reduce the delay time by little and reduce the sound effect of her voice line when she becomes visible. This will give her better stealth opportunities.


The thing that I realized when I watched OWL is when someone play Sombra, they try to play her as if she is a Tracer or Genji and that by itself is why I take whatever they say about Sombra being oppressive with a grain of salt.

Sombra is a tactical, but yet stealthy type of player who instead having the raw burst damage, she uses her utility to manipulate and level the battle field of the victim she hacked.

With Sombra, not only do you have to think approximately 5 steps ahead, but you also have to get inside not only your enemies head, but also your teammates heads

(know what they are thinking, what they are going do next etc.) This is a skill of itself that Sombra Mains have to master.

The fact that the pros complained about not wanting to play against Sombra to the point that they thought she will be overpowered and be played in all scenario is quite funny.

Now look at her, she is not being played at all.

I just thought this was funny, but of course Sombra suffer for the lack of understandment of the hero true potential.

Hey KRIZALID what’s up my friend?

People complained about her no matter what, which is sad honestly.

Let’s hope so however, she received yet another indirect nerf because of this… meaning that she can now be heard when decloaking, cloaking etc. Which is basically a revert to the buff that she received many months ago that reduced her audio and voice cue when de-cloaking/ cloaking etc.

Poor Sombra.

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Can you even consider for a second that when beeing hacked and hit by emp you’re out of the fight for 12 seconds? 12 FREAKING SECONDS? as Lúcio you take 15-20 seconds to respawn and get back to the fight depending on the map. Did you ever got hacked, emped and soon hacked again? no? then you don’t know how stupid that is.

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I honestly rather be hacked than being killed.

Just my opinion though.

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Sure bud because be hacked and watch your whole team die without beeing able to help them and then die getting a stagger of like 20 seconds its fun.

But you still can help assist your team though…

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Wow. You really would rather be killed by one of the many one shot mechanics in game that can kill faster than Hack is cast, than just be Hacked leaving you with your gun and capability to fight, or run and hide while it wears off…


I have been on the receiving end of that and it sucked, but I think it’s fine because hack is all Sombra has.
If Sombra can’t be a good disabler, then she will need to get some combination of high DPS, one shot kills, burst damage, and a ultimate that has the potential to solo kill the enemy team like the other offensive heroes.


It is beyond me that people rather be killed in those 0.65 seconds than being hacked.


I think people just like being absolved of responsibility. I’m guessing these are the same people who shrug and say “Well I’m Genji, countering Pharah’s not my job.”

“I was dead” is kind of an easier pass on failure than “I was Hacked”.