Sombra's Delay is Whats Killing Her. 😍

I think I am about to draw the straws with being a Sombra Main for sure.

I love the character and the challenge within itself, but strongly hate the neglection that comes with her. There should be no reason why there are such delays that hinders her a hero…

Sombra shouldn’t have to compete with herself (DELAYS) to be effective.

legitimately there are delays in each of her kit.

  • Stealth DELAY 2x
  • Translocator DELAY

💔 It is superb frustrating to say the very least.

I just had to get this off my chest as many of you guys should know that I play a crap ton of Sombra and I am just sick and tired of the delays that hinders her. Not to mention that her ONLY damage sources comes from her primary.

Never really understood why incorporate a hero into the game if you are going to have limitation that not only hinder her as a hero, but also ignore her state of being effectiveness.

Which is sad because even the Overwatch League the place where communication and teamwork is superior, don’t seem to know how to play Sombra to her full potential.

Sorry for the rant again, I am trying to stay positive, but it is so hard to keep my positivity, when feedbacks for our notorious hacker is being ignore and NEGLECTED

I am going remain to be positive and patient. Thank you all for supporting and just honestly listening to me in this time of need. :heart_eyes:

I really do enjoy this community !

Here is some suggestion on where we can help improve Sombra. It’s something so small, but yet so impactful. Be sure to leave your thought process on the idea as it is a start.


SOMVRA :heart_eyes:.

sombra, the hero is bad, but her EMP makes up for it… at least a little :frowning:


What are you talking about a good Sombra with decent positioning can carry a game pretty much hack the tank or healer ftw


Getting hacked as a healer doesn’t guarantee a kill for Sombra unless it happens to be a Zen or an Ana.


ana has such a small hitbox sombra herself has a hard time getting the kill, her kit revolves around her team, you dont have a good team, sombra is useless


At the very least, being damaged out of stealth shouldn’t come with the slowdown/delay that comes with voluntarily dropping it.


ALEXIS :heart_eyes:.

Yeah, I just been so in-denial to the actual facts about the character, but I just accept that she is not as great of a hero that I thought she was.

It’s a sad day when I lost all hope for the hero.


That statement can be applied to literally every hero, that is not the issue I have with the hero.


Sometimes when I throw the locator down it instantly makes me go to it and I have to wait for the cool down to place it again… PS4 problem maybe?


Agree, exactly this. Even so, getting hacked in general does not mean a guarantee kill. I wish people will realize this!

I rather be hack and have a fighting chance rather than Getting flashed bang and Fan the Hammer anyway…


That is the thing I love about Sombra, is that her team makes or breaks her, but even so the hero has so much limitation and delays that just flat out hurt her as a playable hero.


I am just sick of all the delays that comes with her, it just hurts when both the delay and being ignore just makes her so restricted.


Well, now you don’t need to worry about that, because you’ll instead get “marked by the dragon” and 2 headshot instakill thanks to Mr. “The dragon is sated”


It’s a common bug, but sometime it could be the controller itself as well.

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She needs to be able to do more damage tbh. I kill a flanking Sombra more often than she kills me (as Mercy).


What’s so odd is that the speed increase from his Rapid Arrows is even faster to react to, but yet many complained about her hack speed now. 0.65

It’s just sad honestly.


It’s funny that you said this, but when I am hacked as Mercy, I should fear for my life, but I don’t…

I literally have the skills to challenge her as because I know how bad of a hero Sombra is due to her restriction.

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I am not a sombra player but I would like to see:

  • half or remove all dealys from her abilitys
  • remove the failed hack 2 sec cooldown
  • make her do 25% more damage vs hacked targets (because she knows then the weakpoints… or so…)

I feel like Blizzard actively tries to ignore her


Over 95 hours on Sombra here, and I 100% agree with this. I say it myself all the time: you fix Sombra by making her movement faster!

Sombra is so difficult to play because everything in her kit feels slow. Hack got increased speed (which is great) but where Sombra really needs a speed increase is for her Stealth and Translocator. I can understand that Stealth needs to be slow to get out of, to give your opponent a chance to react, but why does it need to be so damn slow to go into Stealth? All it does is restrict Stealth to only being an engage ability, instead of also being flexible as an escape or movement ability, and it sets up Sombra’s playstyle to be very static. Stealth to engage, Translocator to escape, repeat.

I also don’t get why the Translocator is soooo slow moving when it flies in the air. The fact that you have to throw it, already gives your opponent a chance to see were you will teleport to, not to mention the fact that the Translocator itself is visible even when you’re in Stealth. This sets the Translocator up to being the most effective if you place it before you attack, rather then it being a flexible movement ability. So, like with Stealth, you are tunnel into the playstyle of: Stealth to engage, Translocator to escape, repeat.

I really, really, don’t understand why these restrictions still exists for Sombra. I can make Sombra work as a fast movement focused hero, with over 95 hours of playtime, but I’m telling you that getting there was often a pain in the a$$. I totally feel the frustration of new Sombra players, and it’s not at all a mystery to me as to why Sombra is played so little.