Sombra Versus Tracer 👯‍♀️


What makes things worse is the community when I gave ideas. When it came to Sombra of course most of the ideas I came up with Sombra was well received from other Sombra players but what I asked for wasn’t over the top.

I know you’ve seen me post this before but I also believe if Hacking health packs not going to give you ult charge the cooldown needs some kind of reduction only when hacking health packs.

Now when I talked about Ana buffs everybody always screamed about Triple Tank or will make Ana op. I don’t understand how people fear Ana more than Mercy. When Mercy has been the most OP hero in the history of Overwatch.

I’m still bothered that Ana got a passive healing in Heroes of the Storm before the game she originated in. Ana had the same problems of sustain in that game and that was fixed.


Thank you so much, hopefully I can be successful and turn this into yet another mega-thread like I did in the past.

As for the comparison, I don’t mean literally the skill gap between the two, but the concept of being more viable in high tiers as both Ana and Sombra offers so much more, but people prefer a Mercy and a Tracer simply because of consistency.


Love those ideas for sure, and I am telling you it’s the double standards that is killing these two.


Sombra is a super hard counter to Hammond.

Though I don’t see Hammond being played much in comp at his current state.


Yes, yes she is lol.


Yes! I know and I hate it so much. I hate watching the double standards especially of recently.

The funny thing about Zenyatta is that Mercy just even replaced him in the OWL. The fact that top level players believe that all you need is Mercy should show how much of a problem that is in general.

When it comes to Sombra her niche was EMP bot. Yeah it wasn’t liked…but she had her niche.

Where is her niche now?

They killed Sombra’s niche and her placement for her niche and with Ana they killed her niche with every other support hero in the game having more value than her.


They’re playing Mercy over Ana because Ana has infinitely more weaknesses than Mercy.


I agree with everything except Widowmaker shouldn’t counter Sombra invis. I am a bit biased ofc for maining her, but she is still quite fast to hit and she effectively counters EMP.


At least Sombra has a cool hero design. :no_mouth:
Never liked Tracers trashy look and hyper-annoying personality…


Tracer is so annoying tbh…


I really sick of tracer. Her damage is just too much. I don’t find it fair that she have this mobility, do crazy about of damage and have tiny hit box. We got one hard counter but we need more hard counter to balance Tracer.


Agreed… The thing with Mercy was she didn’t needed her h/s nerfed… The problem is and still will be the fact that resurrection is not earn-able.


Oh I see I was reading that in the wrong context. Coming from someone with about 4 hours on sombra the biggest issue I have with her is that even with the recent attempt at changing her playstyle and taking away some of that down time theres still way to much.
her whole schtick as a flanker is a joke right now too cause the lack of burst you mentioned.

  • All tracer needs is to be close and she will only deal damage in bursts. She also has multiple ways to escape that are arguably second to none in the game (not complaining its justified by her HP in my opinion)
  • Genji has multiple ways to attack and he can combo them for his bursts genji can walk climb, double jump and has dash in any direction.
    But escaping with sombra always seems like its next to impossible on top of her having literally no burst damage. Trans is nice ability but the fact that its thrown and then teleported makes it really hard to escape with it your almost forced to commit. Her kit literally seems like its stretched too thin and is trying to be too much at once I honestly could see a rework in the near future for her although I’m not sure how sombra players feel about that


Tsk tsk tsk. She is balanced, especially with Brigitte them even telling the community that her damage has been reduced from 240 to 200 would effectively kill the forums with all those anger posts. Sure, high mobility and damage, but her health is lowww.


Same can be said about Sombra as well too.


Not only that, but a mediocre Mercy inherently gets the same value as a god tier ana.


yeah :sweat_smile: at least we can look good while being trash.


I agree.


she is the definition of a glass cannon for sure.


Based on there recent rework attempts, I would strongly say I prefer them not to destroyed Sombra even further… let alone I don’t want them to do the same thing they did with Mercy and Hanzo and made them a must-pick.