Sombra QoL - give her shield HP, make breaking the shield interrupt hack

Every single game I’ve listed has the flicker in multiplayer.

Every. Single. One.

that seems so hard to code

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Not really… just give her 20 shields and a 20 point threshold for hack

  • Sombra has probably the biggest amount of bugs atm. (OMG PTR!)
  • The 2 second cooldown is unfair (UNFUUUUUUN!!!11!!11! would this forum scream) due to random 0.00…001 damage setting it off.
  • Stealth could use a small damage threshold too, because it’s only just a little better than a movement ability for a flanker to get to positions. Good idea with the flickering on hit - it gives counterplay to GOOD players.

Sombra needs help.

And "NO" screamers like Gunky are why we can't have cool things.

What bugs on the PTR do you speak of? I haven’t noticed Sombra being too buggy other than tapping hack while I’m laggy sometimes results in a successful hack when I didn’t hold the input trigger.
I’m sorry my opinion differs, but that’s the beauty of an open forum! If it’s any consolation, I will happily exploit any buffs Sombra receives :wink:

This only tells me that you are blind on her flaws, don’t want her to become viable, don’t really play her or are just ignorant.

Here, even a few got fixed. We even had a bug that showed friendly hacked health packs as enemy ones.

I’m just ignorant of the newest PTR patch, and of certain bugs relating to Sombra. (I don’t throw translocators off of the map)
Thanks for the info! :hugs:
At the risk of being a little off-topic, I did not know you could hack Symmetra while she was holding her teleporter out. I’ve never tried it nor have I been the victim of it. Does the hack also stop the teleporter while it’s unfolding?

I read the fix on that one, but never personally experienced it.

No. At least it didn’t happen for me.


  • Change health assignment. Give 180 health, 20 shield.
  • Create a “shield is on” bool. Have a check run every single tick if that bool is true.
    • if shield health remaining is > 0, then “shield is on” == true
    • if shield health remaining is = 0, then “shield is on” == false
  • Take the current hack channeling code, and insert an if statement;
    • if “shield is on” is true, then continue hack, else activate interrupt.

This comes with a caveat of not being able to activate hack without the shield, but I’m just a rookie programmer. It wouldn’t be hard to make it so that if you have 0 shields, you can still channel without shields until you take damage.


damn u smart :eyes::eyes:

This seems very smart and definitely would fit great with her. Well done.

That’s actually a really nice concept, would help her a lot!

So no more of this?

Crap, i need my translocator to go after Pharah, be right back.

Goes back to get it, cloaks to sprint back to the front… 10 damage out of nowhere… FFFUUUUU—

The health system is pretty complex actually. It tracks and stacks more than one type of health so you can have multiple shield sources and they’re still linked to the source. You can have two shields, three armors, etc. It’s probably already coded to accommodate something like this.

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I actually suggested this long time ago. It will make her hack a bit more stable and not overpowered in anyway. Another thing they might need to add is forcing Sombra’s hack into the chosen target. For me, this it’s really annoying when you want to hack Rein then end up hacking mercy because of LOS.

I really like this idea too.
Shields and regeneration of them is nothing new to the game and solves the random pellets interruption.
If they fix her bugs and the LoS issue i think Sombra is in good state.
Some people are stating that her damage is too low but i disagree. If you have above 35% acc. you can pretty reliably get kills on healers or other dps. And if not, its not that big of a deal because you are distracting them and building EMP.
One other thing that would be good…hacked enemy’s should show a skull (like the HP) above their head. Maybe the color of the skull can point out if the hero has Ult.

i’d rather just have old sombra tbh

This is good! but blizz won’t want her to be viable so omegalul


pretty much this. Just give us old sombra back with the spread lowered like it is right now. She has pretty much no place in the current meta.

Blizzard wants Sombra to be viable as much as any of us do. But like Doomfist, Bastion or Mei, buffing Sombra needs to be done with the utmost care. By nature, these heroes have kits that are downright oppressive (The ability to do the most CC in game, the ability to slow and trap players into a deadly combo, raw insane DPS and preventing abilities from being used, for each hero I just listed respectively). Making them too available or far less risky to play can have terrible consequences. Brigitte’s versatility is an issue for lots of players, and steps have been+are taking place to lower how oppressive she can be.

Than why the double standard?

Face it brig was totally oppressive and was released in that state.

Hanzo ROFL HAHAHAHA probably the most broken dps I have remembered since games inception.

blizzard pissed their pants with sombra after like what 2 weeks? She was still non existent in lower elo. They knee jerked cause the pros whined about her.

Please lets not compare sombras 10 minutes of fame to absolute circus that hanzo has become… Not even remotely close. Hanzo right now basically has no counters with the exception of other snipers.

Sombra has been a dead pick for 18 months. E I G H T E E N months. As bad as sym is at lease she has her niche