Sombra players ARE being ignored

I literally got BOTH Of Sombra’s Achievements from ONE Game, against an attack Bastion comp, On Junkertown.

So… Yea, a GOOD Sombra deletes that.

I made a post about it as well.

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When? Most of her bugs didn’t become apparent until her “buffs.”

Glad to be back :sweat_smile:


Are you serious? Bastion is only really viable on payload maps, and even then the only one that he is really good on is Junkertown offense. Any other case, he needs the practically the entire team to work around him for the pick to work… He has his share of bugs, not nearly as many as Sombra, but I feel Bastions issues outway Sombra’s.

Literally 2/3 of the roster got bugfixes, but not Sombra. It’s insane. And when you look at some of those bug fixes:

It’s just spitting in Sombra’s face


I got falsely flagged… you know what that means. :sleepy:


Why is it that Sombra threads always get diverted into talking about Bastion? :joy:


what is Bunker comp?

It was one of my Comp placements, So… Recently.

I can also play around bugs… They are Annoying as hell But us Bastion’s had to live with a Bugged Inconsistent Ultimate, that happens to Also already be based on Skillshots, and Perfect Timing, That bug has been in since The Official Release.

Because Sombra’s always try to say she’s the most in need of Buffs.

Then someone Spots and Corrects the error.
As a good hacker would.

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In fairness Bastion was, but he had even less time, just the 3 days

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Welcome back.
Good news is they haven’t told us they aren’t working on her.
Bad news is they still haven’t told us anything.


true, but in the current state his viability is still better then sombra, in my opinion sombra was ruined and thats not right

Basically cheese comp with a Bastion. Orisa, Bastion and Mercy are a must, but essentially you put all your team’s resources into the Bastion to make sure he doesn’t die.

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Wait a year, Create a thread with over 3000 posts all talking about Multiple Possible directions for balancing, Then come back to learn nothing has even happened by that point.

As you can see, the devs are Very responsive.

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:wink: This just made my day, so in other words I haven’t missed a single thing?


That’s a silly (but not uncommon) response. Good for you? Ooh ooh, next tell us about how you have an alt account where you only play sombra

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I’d say the 2 are equal at the bottom. Maybe Sombra pulling ahead in the unviable sweepstakes because of just how many bugs she has

Both of them suffer from their kits, that much is obvious. I hope the constant silence doesn’t mean they are going to rework them both.

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