Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

So this week Sombra had an impressive 0.3% pick rate on GM. 0,6% for the month. How low can we go?


But the rework was a success, she’s landed in a good spot.

It brokes my heart that she have falled into the troll pick pool.

She was already in the troll pick pool for the majority of the playerbase, the nerfs just took away the reasons for some people to still want her around.

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She could literally sit at 0% pickrate and you would still find people memeing “people simply dont know how to play her yet”

All you have to do is play her in an elite 6-stack, build the team comp around her, get the right map, hope all the planets are aligned and that it’s a full moon outside…

That should be enough to get a 50% win rate :I


You forgot the blood sacrifice

soldier says hello lol

So it’s now 2 month since Sombra received her nerf and the last 30 days appears to be her lifetime lowest pick rate at GM. Overall she is only up 0,03% compared to her pre-revamp levels. So basically the rework did nothing.

A headless, broken, rushed and ill-thought-out nerf in combination with a unforgiving meta shift have left her largely the same. In fact there’s a good chance she would see better numbers in competitive if they reverted her back to being an EMP bot…

Good work every one.


No word from the devs yet on the sorry state of Sombra? I thought they would keep a close eye on her?

“Keeping an close eye making sure she lands in a good spot”

That was the last time they mentioned Sombra.
It really is the Bastion situation all over again.


although i dont mind sombras low pickrate, because tbh a good sombra is annoying to deal with lol, i do agree her bugs make her to hard to play
i love sombra, but shes hard to play cuz of her hack bugs

i dont see how her emp was nerfed, i think its more of a buff… it used to feel like i would be sitting on a health pack most of the game, but now i feel like a dps…
they tightened her gun spread and made her translocator timer longer, so now she can flank pretty well and build up ult quick…
her changes are good and well needed, i just want the bugs to be fixed…
and i thought owl players do play sombra sometimes? idk i dont watch it…
shes good at shutting down, confirming kills, and being an inconvenience for the enemy team.
her ult is about as powerful as zaryas, she makes some of them less mobile, she can completely shut down the enemy team’s abilities, and she can make zen two melee hits…

i think my winrate last season for sombra was like about 60%…

Well OP, better update the numbers. Sombra is at a measly .45% playrate

I mean, she’s by far worst “DPS/Flanker” flanker in the game so I’m not sure that’s “pretty well”. Mind you Blizz designed her that way on purpose since she’s “A disrupter, not flanker” according to them.

Yeah, for like a week after the patch before they realized the stats were awful. Now she’s at 2,7% play. That’s technically “play”, sure, but it’s a lower pick rate than “pre buffed” Sombra in OWL.

But that’s basically the Sombra meme in a nutshell. People think Sombra is good because she’s “annoying” but her stats are absolutely miserable. It’s one of the greatest misconceptions in the game. You don’t win games by being annoying.


she tilts the enemy team, can hack a rein over and over if his unaware…
i think she can carry a game
the sombra buff is good and needed.
who CARES if someone plays the character? not every hero will have a high pickrate…
i love sombra and i think shes fine, she just needs her bugs fixed and boom more viable than before
if you flank it doesnt mean you need to confirm the kill infact u shouldnt even commit to the kill if you think you cant get it, but you can hack the rein, or someone you know if about to ult, kill a zen, build up ult by poking, keeping the supports on their toes…

Sombra is one of my least favorite characters and I am loathe to imagine a meta where she is anything other than a niche pick. But there’s nothing wrong with being a niche pick. She didn’t need the rework. She had a very particular niche, but it was a niche that she excelled at. People who knew how to play Sombra effectively could get a lot out of her. This is okay. Not every hero needs to be viable in every situation. Some heroes, due to the raw power or gimmicks of their kits, need to not be good in every single situation, otherwise they threaten the health of the game.

Sometimes Blizzard disagrees and we get things like S3 Roadhog, Junkrat 2 seasons ago, pre-nerf Brigitte, current Widow and current Hanzo. Who end up being despised by the player base because they end up invalidating many other heroes and ways of playing the game. If Sombra was much better than her pre-rework state, she’d be another such hated hero. Hack and EMP are extremely powerful abilities and before the rework were seriously lacking in counterplay.

Again though, I don’t seriously think she needed the rework. Low pickrate but that’s how niche heroes work - kind of like Bastion. Usually not a great pick, but for certain purposes is an extremely good choice. I think it’d make sense to revert the rework and bring her back to that state.

like tracer now, she used to work with every team comp, but with brigitte on live tracer needs to play very defensively, she cant one clip a zen, and can get killed in a second, shes still playable, but shes hard to play now…
also rip pulse bomb there was no reason to nerf;(
theyre already weird to stick, buggy, and has falloff dmg…
atleast they didnt nerf how quick you can get it because yes it is a confirming kill, only if you can land it… trial and error… like junk ult. it can be destroyed often, thats why he gets it so quick…

Sure. But guess what. Every hero can be used to ‘carry a game’ under the right circumstances. That doesn’t really say much about the game balancing…

Because in a competitive game the pick rate is the best indicator of a hero not working. If nobody plays a hero there tends to be a reason.

If you rather discuss win rate we can do that but when a hero is barley played the stats tend to be all over the place (She can jump between 30 to 60% in a day based on a handful people playing her in high competitive)

I mean, basically…

Normally, the niche heroes have extremely high win rates and low pick rates. Sombra has the lowest win rate in the game and the lowest pick rate. I don’t know if is Sombra is niche, but if she is a niche hero, she is failing at it.

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