Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

Below Symmetra in grandmasters this week. Current pickrate 0.64%.
Brig comps arent in favor of Sombra. But better panic nerf her.

Suck ? I disagree.

Sure her damage is a little bit worser than others, but she can hack enemy which stops them from casting abilities, hack healthpacks to help her own team,
(and this also prevents enemy from using it) and destroy enemy barriers with her EMP

They lifted Sombra out of the trash can, but once they heard a single person complain that she might be too powerful, they dropped the lid back on her head before she could climb out.

She basically brings others down to her level. And is easily prevented from doing even that.

" Where is the fun playing fair ? "

Yeah it can be prevented, but hacking only helps, she still has her gun.

Hacking healthpacks makes them more powerful for your team, also you can go behind enemy lines and hack healthpacks on their side.

When you’re off doing that; your team is fighting 5v6. The enemy usually have healers, as does your team.


In quckplay ? :rofl:

Seriously though you have to pick a right moment to go behind enemy lines, and you have Translocator for a reason

And you know what? People who is responsible for this nerf are spamming “BRIG OP”. Why? Because suddenly something have started to counter their favourite Genji and Tracer.

No, brigitte is OP ‘period’

She does too much for the amount of skill she takes, that’s an undeniable fact. Let’s not compare the uncomparable.

Yeah, to leave combat and leave your team 5v6.

Had this conversation too many times, bored of being told how her weaknesses are in fact her strengths.

She’s slow, inefficient, too much away from her team and has had her impact when she does show up eroded away with harder hacks and fewer EMPs.


0.56% now and yet no word from Blizzard. Lol.

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I meaned you can go behind them, and use Translocator to come back quickly.

But you have valid point too, I just think she is not useless

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Maybe a lot of you simply have not played this game long enough.
There was a Dev Q&A where the devs openly admitted to picking and chosing who “they” want to be in the meta and who they do not want to be meta… and balancing accordingly.

Guess what? The current meta has nothing to do with Map design. The meta has an always has to do with “what makes us $” and dev favoritism

You mean like this?

Prior to that video, i saw Pharah flying over my team so i cloaked and went along the side to get to her. By the time i got there, Pharah was on the ground and we had actually switched places because that’s where i was standing before.

0:00 In the video, i was above so i thought i could atleast hack her from there and keep her grounded, nope, hack interrupted, widowmaker had found me anyway despite taking the long way around.

0:05 Teleported back to the mega pack, which puts me next to widowmaker, tried to shoot her, but the 10% spread reduction does crap.

0:11 Cloaked, and took the side corridor to get to her

0:14 Only to find that she’s now above where i was standing before. FFFFUUUUU

0:17 Okay, draw her attention. Sombra can’t kill her in one clip so atleast damage her just enough to take a chunk of her health, but not enough to make her retreat.

0:22 Good, she thought she still had enough health, teleport back to mega pack, and get up there with her

0:31 Done! Sniper is dead.

That took 30 seconds and had to run over the same area FOUR times! That’s what a backline harasser does!!!

We spend a ton of time chasing enemies from the back and what happens? Hack breaks for no reason! Ya know, it would have really sucked if the translocator bugged out at the 30 second mark there wouldn’t it? And even tho it worked out, I DID NOTHING FOR 30 SECONDS while my team was fighting.

PS: And you know the really fun part? I got 47% kill credit for widowmaker even tho i was the only one damaging her. Backline harassers often don’t get solo credit for solo kills unless they do it in one clip. Fuuuuuun.


You mean the “Invis in, kill, TP out” meme?

You know what other flankers can do? Sneak in, get a kill, and stick around. A sniper can get a pick, and keep getting picks.

She lacks follow up and sustain which is all important, which other heroes can easily provide. Too much of Sombra’s kit just isn’t about sticking around and fighting as it stands, and doesn’t leave her with much room to add anything else. The 2 second cooldown on Hack interrupt, and the ease with which ANY hero can interrupt it has always been her achilles heel in that respect.

You know what players who held M2 in the hope of executing a Hack weren’t doing? Well, they weren’t doing ANYTHING while they were doing that, so I don’t understand the hate.

At least other interrupts require specific stuns/knockbacks to affect.

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The way I see it, Sombra needed every buff she could get and should of received them incrementally. It’s like people saw the long list of changes and thought she was going to be OP when she still wasn’t better than before.

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With the Symmetra rework and Ana buffs on their way there’s a real risk Sombra and Bastion will be left as, by far, the worst heroes in the game :confused:

The “We tried to rework you, failed, panic nerfed you and left you in the garbage” tire. Population: 2.

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After those nerfs came in I told everybody the fact that she lost ult charge off of packs was a huge nerf and needs stuff to make up for it. The faster hacks and other buffs did make up for it. But when the hack started to fail more over than the old .8 hack and not getting ult charge for even yourself was going to make all the other buffs not mean much at all.

What’s the point of the bonus stuff you can now disable if your disable is even worst than before. Both Hack and Emp are worst than before which overal makes her entirely worst.

Sombra got a QoL nerf which is pretty stupid on how it sounds. Not to mention they said they will be looking at Sombra. They have not done this at all. They nerf her within a week with no ptr so that OWL wouldn’t be forced to play under that Sombra.

Give Sombra ult charge from packs again except for only herself. Give her more damage if hack is going to be trash. Allow a faster reload speed and allow hack to disable your reload and allow reloading during transolcator.

If all these changes come in I won’t be as bothered by how the hack is now.


Overall pickrate, both Quickplay and Comp are now lower than pre-rework as of yesterday.


I guess we can all agree that the changes are a failure. I hope Blizzard doesn’t delete her kit and rework her like Symmetra after this.