Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

Right I forgot how gms don’t have to fight other gms so they’re expected to win and have high winrates across the board

Anyway I don’t think this is the best arguement because doomfist has both higher pickrates and winrates than her in GM and I definitely wouldn’t say he’s fine

Sombra is a very difficult character to balance. If sombra is too good, she will make tanks unplayable. Sombra is unlike other tank buster in game such as junk, reaper, it is impossible to outplay or avoid sombro once tanks are hack.

I knew this would come up while looking at the Overbuff stats, same with symmetra. Doomfist is hard to use, much like Sombra (due to his melee range) but I’ve seen enough GM/Top500 play to know he is far from ‘bad.’

The problem I’m seeing with both Sombra and Doomfist, is that they require a player to REALLY know the character, and that leads to low pick-rates, but high win-rates.

Symmetra on the other hand, maintains a high winrate.

This, to me, is the difference between a niche hero with a low skill floor and ceiling (Symm), to a niche hero with high skill floor and ceiling (Doom/Sombra.)

Both have low pickrates because they’re not always good choices, but one excels with skill and the other does not. The only solution to this I see, is reworking the character, and while Symmetra needs one, Doomfist/Sombra should only get tweaks.

Making them blatantly more powerful and useful overall would make her utterly broken at the highest level.

That’s my take, anyway.

So…pretty much this.

Far as I know, Overbuff only registers profiles who are looked up or refresh their profile.

Yeah but the data is pretty big regardless. Jeff once posted a top 10 hero list for every rank on this forum and overbuff pretty much nailed it.

Maybe you should look at the link I posted, as that’s my reasoning for saying she’s worse in lower ranks. Do you actually disagree with the statement? Is she not worse in lower ranks? Or did you just want to post a ‘hilarious’ GIF?

The point of my post was that she isnt good in higher tiers either. In fact she isnt even good in grandmasters which literally makes up the top 1% of the community.

Is her 55% winrate not indicative of her being – while niche – a good pick?

Guess Symm needs a nerf then. She sits at 58% winrate in grandmasters. Thats not how this works. Winrates can get inflated by people simply swapping of early when its not working. Bad indicator of actual hero strength. What works gets used, what doesnt gets benched.

Oh hey, in the title I see 0.77%. Looks like it’s higher, even if we take Overbuff’s stats at face value.

This is overall pickrate, i only stated the grandmasters pickrate. Her current overall pickrate went down to 0.73% this week.

Whatever floats your boat.

I knew Symm would be brought up, so I had my argument done in the last post.

This is false. She’s more or less effective on any stream I tune into that’s playing her. I mean, I only watch a few streamers, but unless their team is completely feeding, she’s very effective.

Fair enough, but this is largely due to her skill-floor. Unlike Genji/Tracer, she requires a team for her skills to be put to full use. When they are, she’s very powerful.

This goes back to what I said earlier, in that buffing her so lower rank players are good with her would make her a monster at GM. Are you a fan of a rework? Maybe reducing her skill ceiling in compensation for a flat buff?

I don’t think either are a good idea.

The be-all-end-all statement. Same to you, I suppose.

Do we want a hero who’s only fine in grandmaster level competitive and professional teams? I love her design and I want to play her in my ‘normal person’ level of play without being seen as throwing. She’s got so much potential but making her so difficult to play that she’s only really viable in the highest levels of play is not fantastic balancing imo, especially when heroes like Junkrat and Moira exist who are super helpful to have on a team no matter how terrible the player is, so long as they just keep doing things.

No its fine having high skill heroes. Widow for instance is terrible for average players, but a potential monster in the hands of a skilled player. Sombra on the other hand starts to become usable when you are amazing with her and your team knows how to play around you.
Thats the issue, effort/reward ratio is off.

High skill heroes like Genji and Widow and McCree are actually viable in lower ranks and solo que though. I don’t want to play with a coordinated 6 stack or get boosted to grandmaster just so I can acceptably play sombra. I understand she’s high skill but right now she doesn’t reward you for that skill as much as she should unless you’re lobbied with people who understand Sombra and know how to take advantage.

I wouldnt consider them more viable in lower ranks than Sombra is. I main her and can make her work in gold, however I’m fully aware that i would have an easier life just playing a more conventional dps.
We agree on the lack of reward part.


The meta is very not based on map design. It’s based on the characters. That’s why D. Va has been a must pick since her rework, it wasn’t bc the maps favored her.

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Maybe not in the lower tiers but when you get to the level where most people actually know how to play.
The map chooses what you should play but it doesn’t define it.

Her rates will go up once all the other patch changes go live anyways.

Currently her pick rate is 0.74%. It’s just getting worse

Almost 700 replies and Blizzard remains silent.

Do we need to hit 6k replies like the Symmetra thread before anyone takes notice?


Jeff said they are not satisfied with Sombra in an interview.

For what I can as an EU third class citizen yes. And the stats back it up, her use has declined in OWL after week 1.

This week was another dark moment in time for Sombra. At Masters and GM her pick rate is now the same as Symmetra’s and win rate is bottom 3 (and falling). Overall the worst win rate in the game this past month.

Whelp. But hey. OWL something something…


Its almost like I preached all these things, but hey I’m just a lowly gold player.


Come On Blizzard :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Where are you seeing these stats? On overbuff, I see these stats for the week:

Symmetra: 0.74% pick rate 62.14% win rate
Sombra: 0.70% pick rate 50.88% win rate

Symmetra: 0.66% pick rate 60.80% win rate
Sombra: 0.78% pick rate 51.97% win rate