Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

How is it not deceptive to pick specific hitscan heroes that requires a lower amount of team work over picking something like a every other dps as an example ? Widowmaker does something when she doesn’t click head, she puts enemies half and needs to communicate those shots for her to reach part of her full potential. You can’t only click heads on widowmaker, if that was a thing everyone playing her would be busted.

You are right in that you don’t pick Sombra for sheer dps but you don’t really pick her for her hack either, truthfully landing a meaningful hack is very unlikely if the opponent run standard dive. You would still play her mainly for EMP and flanking ability. Hack pressure is also a thing but that’s about it. Also, Sombra doesn’t need coordination to be viable. She just EMP to counter a lot of comps and that’s an issue in itself. She is still an EMP bot but she needs to farm it with that clunky set of hers to have use. Clearly her gameplay fails at this point and needs to be a lot more dynamic and less utility oriented.

I don’t feel like I am playing her wrong nor that I am clueless about her when I have a 71% winrate on her at master as my second most played hero this season. Clearly, I play her when she can be played and I am fully aware of her new mechanic. And as such I can safely say that yes, her gameplay is a lot more clunky than when she was an EMP bot, because at least when she was a bot her nest made sense, now it’s just getting in the way of her offensiveness and reliability and her stats are very clear about that.

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Even in Gold, team fights are team fights, so that’s not always about that; sure it can happen but it does you get off Sombra or any other DPS that can’t work alone.

But whatever, we’ve reached an argument of “she’s okay if she’s used by this one guy in this one team last week, therefore she’s okay. Never mind anyone else, or even that guy when he’s not in that team.”



You seem to be going off the assumption that GM’s are magical beings that can instantly master any hero you put them on, but that’s simply not the case. You need prior experience in order to play a hero and make good calls at that high of a level. But the problem is Sombra isn’t good at lower ranks due to a lack of coordination, and you can’t climb through the ranks never playing Sombra, hit Masters+, then just pick her up out of nowhere and play her at a Masters+ level.

This is the catch 22 and the reason why Sombra is such a debatable hero. In low ranks, your teammates aren’t good enough to work with you on Sombra. But at high ranks, you aren’t good enough to pick Sombra up with no lower level experience and play her at a top tier level. This is why good GM Sombra players are such a rare sight and why her pickrate is low in ranks she should thrive in, because the odds are stacked against you as you learn her when you could be playing the hero you climbed to GM with anyways.

It took them 1,5 years to give her a much needed buff, it took several months before they even aknowledged that she had issues/bugs. It took them two weeks to nerf her into the ground again, with a totally broken hack mechanism on top. No testing on the PTR, just pushing it live. Thank you Blizzard, for ruining my fav character.

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Except players in those ranks have a strong tendency to play across multiple accounts to get around those issues.

Again, that’s not working for them either.

It’s easy to make the case you’re making for Tracer, McCree, Widowmaker, Winston and others because you can see those heroes picking up in higher ranks where they’re less well off in lower ranks. And players are okay with this generally.

There’s no sign of that for Sombra on the ladder, or even in OWL where you can say ‘at this level she gets good’. It doesn’t happen.

The absurdity of this is further exacerbated when you consider how strong Sombra should be against heroes like Reinhardt who are pretty good and very strong at lower ranks, but she can’t make an impact even against popular heroes she’s supposedly a strong counter to.

Team fights are not team fights in Gold, they’re poking at the choke hoping for a pick and trickling all game.

There is one DPS in OWL who plays Sombra to an OWL level on a good team. They are getting incredible (and improving) results atm

If there was more data for T2 she would look better :man_shrugging:

You just cannot balance around 1 player. Especially only one player only when they’re with one given team.

Here we can go with the case of ‘players need to learn to deal with her’ just as much as how to play her.


You’re ignoring the context around why Mistakes is in a unique position.

Again, the Tier 2 Korean scene is a better example of Sombra’s strength because the Korean DPS are more comfortable on her as a product of the style of Sombra they ran before the rework.

Because every single one of the other viable DPS options is less dependent on their team than Sombra.

You pick Sombra for her Hack, because she doesn’t really do anything better than a different DPS. Tracer might have less effective range, but her better mid-fight DPS and burst Damage is much more significant.

Her EMP is strong, but it isn’t up often enough to only win fights where she has the ult. You actually need to get mid-fight value to win.

I mean, the fluidness of her kit is subjective. As someone with similar experience on the hero, I personally feel like her kit is perfectly coherent and fluid, but I guess it’s more of a matter of opinion.

Who cares?! I am a huge Sombra main, even have a purple skull tattoo, and am high plat this season playing ONLY Sombra and have a 70%+ win rate the past 4 seasons.

She’s fine!! If you cant manage her now, no buffs or tweaks will save you. Move on and play someone else you can manage, Sombra is fine.

back to back games of 35 hacks…its “broken”…is she not used? yeah…but it has nothing to do with the hack

Are you even watching the games?

I don’t have any problem playing sombra in ranked

Far as I know, Overbuff only registers profiles who are looked up or refresh their profile.

Maybe you should look at the link I posted, as that’s my reasoning for saying she’s worse in lower ranks. Do you actually disagree with the statement? Is she not worse in lower ranks? Or did you just want to post a ‘hilarious’ GIF? Is her 55% winrate not indicative of her being – while niche – a good pick?

Oh hey, in the title I see 0.77%. Looks like it’s higher, even if we take Overbuff’s stats at face value.

I’m going to wait for the next meta report either way, but feel free to state Overbuff’s results as gospel since it agrees with your narrative (partly); the fact that profiles don’t update all the time makes me doubt its validity.

Almost like a high skill-floor character is difficult to play.

People who dislike the skill-floor and want buffs instead should play another hero…there’s plenty of 1-2 star ones out there.

Edit: Sombra’s winrate on Overbuff gets lower with every rank you go down. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

High skill-ceiling and floor characters get better as the player gets better; buffing her so lower ranks have it easier will make her a monster at higher levels.

The alternative? Lower her ceiling and her floor…and basically destroy the character because a few players whine that she’s not effective enough.

A lot of this has to do with teamwork, but Overwatch is meant to be played as a team, and Sombra HAS POTENTIAL there.

If she had no potential, I’d be agreeing with giving her another buff.

The pros play Sombra now tho… Danteh and Architect play her on Shock… Those are just a couple examples, especially on 2CP maps. Sombra v Sombra happens quite often.

That said shouldn’t her winrates at least get to 50% at GM if she us truly rewarding depending on skill

Tracer beats her at every rank

I just said it’s 55%?
EDIT: I said it in the previous post:

  1. Tracer beats almost everyone.
  2. She’s getting nerfed.

Sombra has a 55% winrate? Sounds fake

Tracer and Sombra are fairly similar both are said to scale power with your skill so how come tracer beats her at every rank is what I’m asking

You’d be right to doubt me if the conversation wasn’t oriented around a stat-tracking website (even if I question its accuracy.)


Click the ‘grandmaster’ tab and the ‘offense’ tab.

Let’s not just brush over this as if they’re the same character. They both have a high skill-ceiling, but are very clearly two entirely different characters.

Skill ceiling implies potential, and far as GM/OWL has shown me, players are still getting used to her.

Personally, Tracer’s skill-floor is lower from my perspective, so that might have something to do with it. Again, just from my perspective…