Sombra mains, they fixed her LoS bugs

That’s pretty bad, good thing it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Wait, what? I did not see any patch notes.

Wow seriously? Well that’s a huge improvement. This may end up being a buff overall.

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hooray. she needed this fixed

I guess you can say they fixed her L O S S bugs.

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Someone buy this man a beer

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Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Jk I’m gone. Proof!

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By the way, these changes are already on Live.

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Nice. Didn’t know that. I thought my hacks felt a bit more consistent this month. That’s probably why.

Huzzah! Now is time to hack the planet.

Unless there’s new fixes on PTR separate from this, I’m like 99% sure I’ve still hit this bug on live in the last week.

Fitzy tested this on stream.

On live or PTR?

On Live. He showed that Hack can hit Reinhardt even if he is partially covered by his shield.

Yeah but does that solve the issue where hack randomly breaks? Pretty sure that is a different issue. Might be covered from the same fix, though. I’d have to play a bit more I guess.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s not fixed…

Hack is still jumping to targets at random at times and hacking the wrong ones even though you held a lock.

Tried lowering your in game hack sensitivity to 30? Instead of default 100 ?

It jumped targets before the change.

At least it doesn’t go off on dead people anymore.

It does it randomly when two enemies are close together and one is being hacked, not a sensitivity thing. it’s not everytime but something in the coding makes it happen

Ok never noticed this one . Hope they ll fix that too then :sweat_smile: