Sombra mains, they fixed her LoS bugs

They did it. It’s amazing.

Regardless of what happens with the PTR, we already have this amazing change on Live.


I’m interested in Sombra, but never played her much… what were these bugs?

Hack would break if you couldn’t see part of them, instead of breaking if you couldn’t see all of them. It is fixed now.

I still run into a few of them, just not as frequently.


well that’s a good thing at least, although the only way to confirm is through experience :frowning:

They’re probably intended at this point honestly.

The Hack doesn’t break on nothing anymore. It simply cuts out on LoS.

That’s pretty bad, good thing it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Wait, what? I did not see any patch notes.

Wow seriously? Well that’s a huge improvement. This may end up being a buff overall.

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hooray. she needed this fixed

I guess you can say they fixed her L O S S bugs.

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Someone buy this man a beer

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Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Jk I’m gone. Proof!

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By the way, these changes are already on Live.

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Nice. Didn’t know that. I thought my hacks felt a bit more consistent this month. That’s probably why.

Huzzah! Now is time to hack the planet.

Unless there’s new fixes on PTR separate from this, I’m like 99% sure I’ve still hit this bug on live in the last week.

Fitzy tested this on stream.

On live or PTR?

On Live. He showed that Hack can hit Reinhardt even if he is partially covered by his shield.