"Sombra is meta because she is being used in the Contenders"


These stats are a factor into building the picture of her overall balance. I added the opinions of some experts for a reason.


No, you added a volunteer website. Blizzard has the true data.


Well, these are actual statistics of Overwatch. Overbuff was always used by the community to find more stats then they could from any Blizzard side I don’t understand why everybody now is like eww 3-party website and we see her already being less used in contenders hours by hours because she just was a surprise EMP bot. Now they slowly learned to play against Sombra and she is getting forced out again. Not to mention that contenders also made bastion work is he fine to?


If it is Overbuff, they are worth nothing.


What people fail to realize that contenders is where they try different Strats and team comp… This alone does not mean anything.


Sure, but overbuff has been proven to be a valid source as it basically was identical to Jeffs data posted on the forums in march, where she also got played in contenders and everyone thought she was OP. In fact she wasnt even a top 10 pick in any tier back then.


A pro team got the worst hero in the game to function at a basic level, thus obviously it means Sombra is fixed and viable.

I can’t wait to go on my win streak in low gold solo queue today. Plat here I come! Nay…DIAMOND!


I don’t think you’ll have much problem using her in comp diamond+, even if you don’t talk. Now if you’re in a non coordinated team in lower rank many heroes get severely negleted from low levels of teamplay. So yea, use some other hero to grind up fast n then play her. There are heroes that are free sr till dia and you literally need not more than 1h to pick em up.


OH My god i was so stupid how could i not see that sombra is good, im going to rank with her!

Oh crap


I mean that 46% winrate looks really juicy. How could we all have been possibly this wrong about the Sombra changes?


Maybe we dont know how to play her, yeah that must be it.


A character used in OWL
“See? This is the meta so you are wrong and accept it”

A character used in Contenders
“Wtf? Wtf? I cant accept i was wrong. Its all your fault.”


You think adding a sarcastic remark like *dab makes the point you’re quoting bad all of the sudden? As if a character MEANT for gathering information shouldn’t rely on communication?

This is why the general forums need to be ignored by the devs…which is unfortunate.

I’ve said this before, but maybe Sombras that hate her current state are playing the wrong hero. Rather than making a hero change to suit your tastes, maybe you should pick one that already suits your tastes.

That’s like me as a vegetarian wanting to eat meat, and complaining that it contains meat. Guess what I do instead? I eat something else.

TL;DR: maining a hero that requires communication is YOUR choice. If your team doesn’t communicate and you still play her, that’s your problem. Play another blasted hero.


This is ridiculous.

Why is that my fault that I can’t control other people’s actions? So because they created a hero who’s so ridiculously reliant on communication and almost nothing else, that’s my problem that I can’t play my hero?

How is that not their problem with how they designed her? It’s honestly ridiculously unfair to place the blame on us for wanting a hero who can be useful beyond Grandmasters and Contenders, when we can’t control the level of coordination present. If a hero has to have that level of coordination, and the game gives players the options to not coordinate, how is that our fault? Why should we be punished for the game’s overall design in correlation with the hero’s design?

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

BTW even in Contenders, they never used her in finals. They actually wanted to win. They were experimenting.

I’m just shocked at what a terrible notion that is. “It’s your fault for not switching heroes for not meeting this rare criteria for you to play her effectively”

And no, I’m not playing her wrong. I’d just like to have a hero who I can be effective with without it being contingent on other people, and ideally there are ways to do that through QoL buffs (i.e. sugar skulls over hacked targets).

Your vegetarian wanting meat analogy was incredibly off. It’s more like “Vegetarian wants to eat a balanced meal, but is only being provided lettuce and nothing else.”



“Hey look, I believe Overwatch is a game for ME and when I play I should be able to win without having to communicate with anyone because I’m a special snowflake who don’t need nobody but at the same time I need to win to feel good because that’s the only positive thing I can find on online games even though single player games would probably fulfill me more but you know what? screw everyone who isn’t like me and values communication, I want the world to be shaped to my liking no matter what”


You’re choosing to play a hero in a situation that isn’t ideal; it’s like playing Reaper vs Pharah.

It’s not your fault that she’s not the best pick, but it is your fault for picking her. Trying to shirk responsibility for hero choice with guilt-trips is ridiculous.

You’re changing the analogy to make Sombra sound like she doesn’t even work in her ideal environment, which isn’t the case.

As for the rest of your post, you’re repeating the same thing over and over so I’m not going to quote it.


Absolutely not.

I’m complaining about people who claim Sombra is fine because people who play with good communication can use her efficiently. That’s great for them, but in your average QP / comp game, you will have two teammates not in the voice chat, two that are in but don’t say anything and one who keeps telling you to kill yourself. Try achieving anything with Sombra in these conditions.


If that’s how you interpreted it, that’s…:man_shrugging:
I dunno, that’s fair.

Intention behind the analogy is “she needs a bit more” and I don’t mean buffs. For a team-reliant hero to have such dodgy visuals for her team to capitalize on outside of contenders is bizarre. Not to mention her bugs. All I’d ever do is bug fixes and QoL visuals.

And I’ve said this in other threads, one playerbase that uses her a lot doesn’t mean she’s meta. When we see OWL All-Stars, I think it’ll be more indication that she has potential.


Ultimately, it seems as though Blizzard has a different idea of what she should be from many players.

I’m down for visual improvements…


I’m down to adjust playstyles. And I’m very communicative. If they want us to be able to coordinate to their level…I think even GM players are screwed. Visual improvements would just make it easier for people to naturally capitalize on things the way that coordinated teams do, without changing numbers. :stuck_out_tongue: