Sombra is actually pretty good

I agree. I have fun camping Mercys (or any other healers) with her. Shes really good at it now. Im not a sombra main though, i understand if mains see it differently.

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Sure, it isn’t bad at all, but the problem is that the changes doesn’t address her issues… :confused:

The problem is anything the new Sombra players can do now is the same thing the Sombra mains have been doing this whole time, which means we’re left with none of the bonuses and all of the drawbacks.


And with this “buff” hanging over our heads, the odds of those issues being addressed is pretty much nil.

When did the fix anything related to hack? I didn’t see anything in the patch notes.

Right here!


Consistency is always a buff in my book.
Yeah, you could jump behind the enemy, and you could get a kill on the healer.
But it was not consistent at all.


Thanks! Its at least comforting to know they acknowledged them. Still getting the camera bug but one step at a time.

Have they said anything about the new FPS drop during hack mainly affecting console users?

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Imo I get why you think she must be so fun but in reality nothing has really changed.

To everyone who says that they are having so much fun with this new sombra in a weeks time you guys wont even be playing her cos you too will realise that even with infinite stealth and trans you cant do anything that tracer and genji cant do better.

Im so sick of the useless changes blizzard makes, I really hope the balace team gets reworked themselves

Gotcha, so a nerf is fine as long as you can consistently be terrrible.

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People are calling her op now.

She consistently gets the kills she should have gotten before.

If you take two seconds longer to get into position, that is better than feeding.

Yeah but when I said it on ptr, all the “real” sombra mains said I don’t play her so have no opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I’m aware of :frowning:

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Dang. Guess I just gotta hope they watch the bug report forum close enough, at least 5 topics on it but they are getting buried sadly.

Still any bug fixes are good news!

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What do sombra players want exactly? The only problem of sombra right now is her damage output a little below other flankers which is clearly offset by her abillity to mute opponents for 6 seconds.

I only speak for myself, but BUG FIXES.

No nerfs, no buffs, just make her at least reliable before they go tweaking numbers on her skills.

I have not seen one single person call her that. No one is calling her that. These changes did not magically make her stronger in some way. They did not actually change her core kit. She is exactly the same as before, except those of us that never had a problem with her timers and cooldowns before are left with slower speed and a destroyable beacon.

Once people get over the shiny new changes, they will realize Sombra is just as bad as before, and arguably worse for the people that play her regularly.

OP = Overly Passive

(20 chars)

Then here i am

She is op now.

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I’m a Masters Sombra main (3716 SR) with over 300 hours on Sombra and I can share some quick insights on my perspective.

Sombra’s biggest challenge is managing her “impact uptime”, which is the proportion of a given match that she is performing actions that actively contribute to victory. Actions such as:

  • Distracting the enemy by harassing their backline
  • Picking off low-HP enemies that flee from frontline combat
  • Hacking key targets
  • EMPing the enemy team
  • Racking up damage to pressure enemy healers’ attention and resources while farming EMP
  • Contesting the objective/payload

Due to the nature of Sombra’s kit (TL and Stealth in particular), Sombra is predisposed to spending a LOT of time doing none of the above. Between running circuitous backchannel routes to flank the enemy, placing Translocator, waiting for Hack opportunities, Translocating away once damaged, then running back towards the fight, Sombra can easily spend much of the match (especially at critical moments) doing nothing at all to help her team win.

An experienced Sombra player learns when and how to enter the fray, knows the fastest routes to access various parts of the map efficiently, knows how to place their TL to both avoid being found while minimizing the time it takes to get back to a good position, and knows how to actively reposition within a combat zone to avoid spending too long simply running between her TL and the fight.


The recent changes made Sombra’s largest challenges worse:

  • She takes longer to quickly reposition when the nexus of combat shifts on the battlefield, because she moves slower in Stealth
  • She takes longer to return to the fight after TLing away, both because she moves slower in Stealth and because…
  • …she must place her TL further from active-combat-zones because it can be destroyed
  • She can no longer consistently depend on her TL as an escape because it can be destroyed
  • She can no longer use TL reliably within active-combat-zones because it can be destroyed
  • She can no longer distract and draw enemy resources to her while in Stealth, because she can’t contest the objective in Stealth


On top of which, the benefits of her changes (infinite Stealth and TL) further predispose her towards spending long periods not contributing to the conflict.

While it’s true that the infinite timers also open up new options, like spawn camping and stalking heroes who are looking for an Ult opportunity (Hanzo, McCree), stalking and spawn camping are also time-intensive activities during which Sombra is not shooting, Hacking, or distracting anyone. She’s just lurking, waiting for the opportunity to make an impact instead of creating those opportunities for impact herself.


The value Sombra now generates from stalking then cancelling a big ultimate or killing a healer returning from spawn is - in my experience - less than the value she would’ve brought had she been shooting, Hacking, generating Ultimate charge for EMP, and otherwise being a distractive nuisance to the enemy team in that time (and formerly did at a faster rate due to her TL invincibility and Stealth speed).

I’m finding Sombra plays slower, has less impact, and spends far more time just waiting than before.

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