Sombra Hack Speed

The reason I ask is because hack is only 50ms faster now than it was before, which in most instances is nearly negligible. I’m trying to gauge how much you feel impacted versus how much actually changed.

It’s .15 seconds faster which means before we had half a second to react which was enough to at least find her

I. Did.

It boils down to you not being able to handle it and you apparently have teams that don’t back you up.

Never mentioned teams and never mentioned not being able to handle it. I am saying I want a better chance of reacting than being hacked and not being able to do anything while the rest of the team is in the front trying to kill everyone else in front of the team

No it’s 0.05s faster than before because they removed the 0.1s threshold.

You clearly don’t understand what the phrase “boils down to” means.

At this point you’re just spinning your wheels in the mud. He LoS nerf and CD when hit by anything nerf more than make up for her hack speed buff. You’re still getting outplayed by someone who has so many audio queues and is squishy as hell. A proper team or even just basic situational awareness would help but you insist of saying it’s not YOUR problem.

I’ve seen obliviousness but you take the whole taco, pal. Good luck with that.

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k so when I say “I want a better chance of reacting” that means I can’t handle a squishy hero that can tp away whenever she wants? Got it. I’ll change my post now since that’s all it means

Atta boy. See that you do. :+1:

Hack, prior to the latest live patch, had a 0.1s (100ms) threshold to account for small LoS issues such as the enemy walking behind a lamp post. This means that even before the buff patch, her effective hack time was 0.7s, because even if she took damage or broke LOS after 0.7s, the 0.1s threshold fulfilled the 0.8s requirement.
After the change you quoted, it was reduced by 0.15 to 0.65s, but this made it an effective 0.55s hack.
The most recent live patch removed the 0.1s threshold and instead replaced it with actual LoS checks to accommodate, but they did not decrease the actual cast time any further, meaning it is now an actual effective 0.65s hack, compared to 0.7s before. The real net difference from before is only 0.05s (50ms).


Oh. I did not know that but before the buff it was still easier. And since buffs make people play the hero more than before, it was a lot more noticeable that you barely had time to react. It’d still be nice to have at least an increase to .75 so the reaction time was still something that was doable. The reason I want this change is because there’s so many factors that go into canceling the hack and reaction time is the biggest because it’s what needs to happen first and humans are slow

I think that’s the point, though. If sombra surprises you with hack from behind, you aren’t really intended to be given a reasonable amount of time to stop you. Otherwise it would feel pretty useless since she’d only be able to hack people if they’re actively distracted or focused on something else where they can’t physical turn to address you.


See the counter is not ignoring her usually. If she got behind you she probably used all her abilities and did it without taking a point of damage, gave a voice line, you still didn’t notice, and then hacked you without you noticing. In short, you got beat.


That’s why I used the slowest fire rate hero.

And yes, I don’t include her getting hit by mistake.

you should have enough time to turn and face her as she gets out of invisibility. if you cant do that, im afraid youre just terrible

I have no problems countering her hack. Be aware of yoir surrounding especially when you know they have a sombra. Just prioritize her as soon as yoi see her and shell be useless like she always has.

I mean, other than killing you? Does that count?

Sombra landing a hack is like Widow landing a scoped shot; If you could easily counter it the whole point of the heroes is gone…

Stop beating the dead horse, she’s already back to to her 1% pick rate after the last batch of botched nerfs.

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Jebus you can’t nerf Sombra again. She’s objectively not good.

She is below 1%. Currently at 0.8% with both Mei and Symm directly behind with 0.79% But Mei gets buffed next patch and Symm gets reworked. So expect them to run past her. Then she is in the top 3 least picked heroes together with Torb and Bastion, but Torb has changes in planning too.

Srsly though, the OP is probably representative of the attitude devs took to Sombra before she came out. Noisy, slow decloak and low damage with no burst so that you always have time to kill her first.

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This again?? She already got a penalty that basically threw her back in the hole she was trying to crawl from, and absolutely no compensation.

Just leave her alone, she’s like F- tier now (if such low tier even exists) :rage: