Sombra got nerfed


They reduced the head hitbox by 10%


Still pretty big though lol


Just be like me. Play sombra with 2 other dps and have them do the damage


Assuming you are right, tell me why I should mind. It’s a game of counters and Torb counters almost no one.


Not true. This new buff actually opens up a world of possibilities. Phara now dies easier the turret now becomes more of a threat to any dps or healer. And do I even bother throwing it the fact that more than half of the dps can’t touch a turret


We’ll see. I’m mainly a backline harasser so instead of tanks, my main targets are Widowmaker, Hanzo, Ana, Zenyatta and Torbjorn.

Occasionally, the Torb starts wisening up and instantly re-deploys the moment his turret starts getting damaged and the one i’m shooting disappears. I then have to look for it again and it’s usually level 2 by the time i find it again and i’m still low health from earlier. To that end, what interests me is this:

Also, no more getting solo ulted when i attack his turret.

This means that once i’ve found the turret, it’s going to stay put once i start attacking it and he won’t have another turret for the next 13 seconds. Enough time get to a healthpack and get back to him (If i had the area atleast partially setup) Even better if i managed to bait his mini molten core while i was dealing with the now lower HP turret.

The turret targeting whoever Torb shoots can also make it easier to hack the turret (or someone else). If he’s blindly shooting into my team as per usual, the turret will never prioritize me.

As for Torb himself. The mini molten core is probably going to be an issue. Normally, it’s actually easier to kill Torb with 75 armor than it is to kill Brigitte who has 50 (probably because his big head is the same height as Sombras gun). However, that additional 75 is definitely pushing it as a torb with an armor pack nearby is equal to having a healer on call. So the new torb essentially like having two armor packs on tap.

I’m guessing that torb now requires atleast two passes regardless of how lucky you get when you initiate. The additional armor will negate whatever damage you manage to put into his head just as effectively as any 200hp hero with Zens heal orb. First pass is on Torb dealing as much damage as possible before he uses his mini molten core, teleporting to the healthpack in their backroom when he does, and doing another pass while it’s on cooldown and before the healer notices. If the healer is attentive, then i guess it’s just going to be the turret every time he deploys one.


the ideal situation with sombra is to be 1vs2, you can go around wasting time with duels but you will have more impact doing team moves.

So in my opinion as sombra, I don’t care if he will be easy or hard to kill


As a Sombra main … it’s fine, let them have one hard counter. I am more worried that he may is to strong now.


Torbjorn meta. The only good Brigitte counter. BRING ON THE TURRETS.


Range nerf first plz. 40m is insane, 2 Genji dashes. No falloff, and is hitscan. So at range, it is literally a better Soldier.


For console maybe, but even then, you can just peak damage the turret to whittle it down.


Fair, but still, if the Torb places His turret somewhere where you can’t peek, it’ll be kinda hard


Try to not hack while there is turret near or get out of its range, it will not be big issue for sombra.


I didn’t even think of that. It’ll definately be good for Sombra

I just realized that as Sombra you can bait the Mini Molten Core and translocate out. Since it has such a long cooldown, Torb won’t have ANY armor when you come back to flank him

Also, since it’s only 250 HP it’ll be more do-able for Sombra, which is good


Yeah she is the worst dps in the game ( and hero)

But sombra is not a flanker

A Flanker? :x:

  • High mobility :x:

  • Can defend themselvs if detected :x:

  • High burst damage :x:

  • Fast engage and disengage :x:

notes: . Genji and Tracer are flankers, they can engage and disengage quickly , they can get picks alone and if detected they can still get value .
. Sombra requires the team to help her which other flankers dont.
.Sombra entire kit is affected by dmg , 1 dmg and sombra lost her mobility , if detected you are dead, she cant fight mid fight since hack gets canceled by 1 dmg.


that’s why you have HACKS. Now it’s easier to destroy turret because it’s has lower health. And you can catch torbjorn somewhere out of turret range, it will be easier because he isn’t bound to turret as much as before and will move around more freely


you serious?

Sombra would be op with high burst damage AND ability to get to any position unnoticed AND ability to disengage from almost any situation (except CC-lock) AND ability to rip the abilities from hero after 0.65 second charge

Sombra damage is mediocre but isn’t SO bad.
You have almost the best mobility and wallhack on low-hp targets, use it.

Well, everyone require a team to help, but sombra require it more than others

Umm, not really. You have infinite stealth, use it to create routes where you won’t be shot by a random bullet, no-one shoot air just because “SOMBRA MIGHT BE THERE” (if they didn’t already saw her entering stealth and moving that certain direction).

She still can shoot and it still does noticable damage. And yeah i agree that it’s hard to get used to that playstyle, but what if you just try to avoid main moshpit to stay a little away and hack whoever you need and pick low hp targets


They should give Sombra an ability that temporary prevents Torb from using his abilities. If he didn’t have mini core she could probably mow him down


For whatever reason his Ult is not hackable even tho it seems to fall into the channeled caregory (He can’t use abilities while he is in it).
Why did they make an exaption for Torb?


Hack has a cast time and Torbs will SMASH that Overdrive ability. Orisa does the same thing with Fortify and Zen with Trans