Sombra fixes/buffs i want

1: fix all of her current bugs. Hacking one person then it switches to another mid-hack, throwing trans-locator and it doesn’t throw, when you throw your translocator and die when you use it again the screen glitches and it shows you where you last threw it, when you hack something it won’t register and you hack goes back on cooldown ETC…

2: damage threshold. When you hack someone you need to take 10-15 damage before the hack stops. Mainly because dva can shoot you from any range and the hack is cancelled even if you don’t take damage.

3: stealth should happen faster.

4: lower the spread of her gun. Not like soldier or Mccree but smaller than it is now.

5: Her ult should do 5 damage so when she EMP’s she has a chance for POTG.


They are fixing some of the bugs.

  1. Yes, all of these and more
  2. I would keep it at any damage, but to compensate, lower the interrupted hack CD to 1 second from 2 seconds currently. That way, you can reliably shut it down by spraying her but you aren’t so harshly punished for a single dva pellet hitting you.
  3. Yes, agreed
  4. I would keep the spread the same probably, but give her an extra point of damage on her bullets to make her a more reliable DPS
  5. YES. I hate how some characters don’t get any special kinds of kills in the kill feed (sombra, zen, and mercy). This would be awesome.
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