Sombra considers Reaper and Widowmaker genuine friends?

This is from the fandom wikia page:

"Michael Chu has indicated that Sombra considers Reaper and Widowmaker to be genuine friends of hers, but that the friendship is “complicated.”

I don’t know or even care who this guy is. Yeah, I read his info. So, I really don’t know where he’s getting this. It doesn’t make any sense.

  1. Sombra is only using Talon and the people therein for her own gains, while she tries to do her own thing. And if I recall Fist’s and Reaper’s conversations, they’re aware of it or at least suspect it.

  2. Sombra’s pre-match exchanges with Widowmaker definitely don’t sound friendly. Widowmaker is definitely antagonistic towards her.

  3. Her scenes with Reaper, in the latest comics, where she’s condescendingly telling him he’s not in the army or military, and calls him “soldado” (probably mockingly). Sure, she’s telling him he can trust him, but where does she get off talking to Reyes like he’s some green, wet-behind-the-ears rookie who doesn’t know how the world works?

Saying she considers them to be genuine friends makes no sense, at all.

You mean in Code of Violence? That was their first meeting. Reaper was kinda new to Talon at this point. You can had 5 to 6 years of them knowing each other now to develop a frienship.
Also, in Code od Violence, she is testing him. Like a brat is testing the limits of their own parents. “How far can I push to get him to react?”

And that’s by Sombra’s own point of view of frienship. Doesn’t mean it’s reciprocated by Reaper nor Widow.

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Well of course it’s her own point of view. Granted. And it’s definitely not reciprocated by Widow, at least. Maybe the writers should “elaborate” on it through in-game pre-match convos or more comics. As it stands, this piece of trivia about her is sketchy.

I just figured they tolerated her more

Or that. LOL…I think Reaper tolerates her the most and maybe Moira, since Sombra doesn’t seem to antagonize her. Reaper just growls and remains weary of her. Widow wouldn’t mind shooting her if she would/could CARE to do it. But, she doesn’t feel anything. No urge to shoot her. Or so it seems.