Sombra Changes Opinions


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018:

Okay, I have 100+ hours on Sombra and I’ve been through every iteration of her. So I feel like sharing my opinions on these new changes.

  1. Infinite Stealth sounds really good on paper, but it just makes the hero MUCH easier to play for people that didn’t put the time into learning the hero and managing her cooldowns at the cost of nerfing parts that good Sombra players utilized a lot. The 75% > 50% speed decrease is AWFUL as well.

  2. No longer contesting while invisible is a HUGE nerf to her. I’ve been able to backcap or contest objectives long enough by juggling translocator and invisibility. I’m going to see a noticeable difference with her now, and it won’t be good in this aspect.

  3. This change was not needed at all even with the infinite invisibility. Now Sombra’s have to readjust their comfort zones and getting detected when going through choke points or trying to get away is going to be so much easier.

  4. Translocator lasting forever is an okay change. It largely isn’t going to affect much other than ensuring you at least get what you want done, which again, good Sombra players did not have much of a problem doing regardless.

  5. Destroying Translocator is by far the best change about this since it’s a QoL change Sombra players have been asking for. It was annoying to throw Translocator in unintended spots and have to either wait the time out or translocate to it. BUT this is totally counteracted by the fact that enemies can destroy it.

Overall I think these changes do not solve anything that’s currently wrong with her and hinder her abilities for advanced players. Her problems are consistency, reliability, and damage potential. Not setting up or infiltrating the backline.

She’s going to be worse than before if these changes go live and I’d like to applaud the dev team for continually breaking and making an already terrible hero even worse. Thanks.


I’m all for not making any of these live.
Don’t have much more to say than what OP said already.


Sombra Main too and u r right this will change nothing


Sombra main here. This adds zero additional value and i really cannot understand what is going on. I am frustrated and really over it. I feel like i need to spend my time on a hero with more value to the team.


Don’t forget that enemies can destroy your translocator now which is an enormous nerf. I think these are the worst Sombra changes yet and I have lost all faith in the dev team.


I actually didn’t know they could.

This is beyond awful. It’s going to further reduce her winrate and pickrate. Why can’t they listen to the community for once?


It has 5 health which is lower than Syms new turrets


I want EMP bot Sombra back, but instead of gaining ult charge for health, i want more damage output and/or reload speed, the rest of her kit made her that complex skill hero who had to sorta maintain her cool downs (also keep the passive hack, that only makes sense)


One thing you shouldn’t forget is now that her movement speed in stealth is nerved from 75% to 50%, she can no longer do some of the jumps she previously could to infiltrate the enemy.


Yeah that too. They just ‘happened’ to not include that in the patch notes.


Yeah this means she HAS to move through the choke in most cases and get shot at and/or detected. I actually didn’t think they can make Sombra worse but they somehow managed to do it.


Assuming the translocator can take damage from Sombra is that an okay nerf. Most likely it cannot.


Sombra can cancel Translocator by looking at it and using the interact key.

Enemies can destroy it.


Cool, and if it ends up somewhere where I can’t simply look at it and use the interact key?


You don’t have to look at the translocator itself, just in the general direction of it.


Yes but every enemy flanker can pretty much do this to your translocater aswell.


I’d call these changes a nerf.

The whole change feels incredibly counteractive to what Blizzard has been trying to do with Sombra.

The original adjustment we had back at the end of February moved Sombra off of passive play and onto more aggressive play. Being supported by a faster Hack cast time, a more reliable weapon, and a longer Translocator allowing for more infiltration time.

These new changes though feel like they’re trying to add in a new form of passive play in Stealth. Gathering information for your teammates and obtaining prime positioning. Yet this causes more downtime before Sombra has an impact which was the whole problem she had pre-adjustment.

On top of that Stealth loses many of its mobility opportunities due to the reduced speed and it is easier to spot Sombra out. Now it feels like a “stealth” ability. On top of that, you cant contest at all, removing one of Sombra’s 4 core objectives. Back capping/Stall out had a major impact for Sombra because she was great at it. It was risky (particularly for stalling out) and if you did it well you were rewarded. Now we can give the audiobook version of Widowmaker’s ultimate ability… great!

The Translocator change actually isn’t all that bad in my opinion. The risk of this change was losing all counterplay and it’s still there. Smart Translocator positions should also still work out. The ability got stronger, but the counterplay changed.

I would call this a bad rebalance at the end of the day. The Translocator change should be fine, but it doesn’t help Sombra’s current problems. The Stealth change feels like an attempt to trade a core job (Back Capping/Stall Out) for another (Recon), yet we were able to do this new job in the first place just fine. All this is going to lead to is more downtime while still having trouble making an impact in the team fights.


After playing around with the changes, I can also agree that this is a net nerf.

I’m fine with not contesting objectives. It makes me sneakier.

I’m NOT fine with the slow stealth. We already have a delay going in and coming out. Way to make her stealth feel even worse. The devs should consider removing the delays or bump the speed up again.
In tangent to this change, the detection radius is bumped up from 2 to 4 meters- FOR WHY? We’re slower and easier to detect now WITH the same DELAY? For infinite stealth? Nah, mate. Nobody asked for infinite stealth with 3 setbacks built into it.

Infinite translocator? Fine. 20s might as well have been infinite anyway. I won’t miss having my translocator camped. I don’t care that it’s destroyable. In fact, the fact that it is destroyable means I WON’T get camped so thanks for that buff I guess. And morons will stop telling me I have a free get out of jail card except they just made my get out of jail card better by making it destructable.

I fail to see how a 75% movement speed Sombra in infinite stealth is annoying especially when she cannot contest any objective now AND can be detected at twice the range she used to.

I get they want her to be a sort of a scout but this really didn’t do anything for her. In fact, it made her extremely passive. I don’t like it.


She needs another buff together with this. For example a bigger clip would already help!


I agree, once you know how to play Sombra these changes are just nerfs. Awful, awful changes, and to think we waited 3 months to hear that she’s getting changed, only to have THIS garbage.