Sombra changes didn't address the problem

Sombra’s mobility and utility weren’t the problem that needed to be addressed with these changes, it’s her lack of damage and unimpactfulness of a single hack. With Hammond coming into the game she’ll be slightly better (being able to hack Hammond is a strong counter) however her lack of damage makes her feel just like a worse tracer. However directly buffing the damage of the weapon isn’t the way to go I think. Personally I believe adding a functionality to sombra’s hack to make it so you/ and or your team does increased damage to a hacked target. This increases her assassination potential while giving her team a reason to focus down the target she hacks, for instance, you hack a Reinhardt so his shield is down, this damage amo will allow your team to capitalize on your good play without him simply being healed by a mercy/Zen and not dieing


After they gave her the 2 sec. cooldown on hack, that pretty much was her only tool to get an even 1v1 fight, she needed a mid-fight buff even more than ever.
What they did is buffing the part of her every teammate hated/flamed her for - running invisible without visible contribution.

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Hey remember that one match I out Sombra’d you and you resorted to acting like a 5 year old in chat? You and bff Iyakusoku. You won that match, but like…do we really need to act below our age?