Sombra can't cancel reload with hack anymore

yo i saw no mention of this. but in the live game, you can time your hack hand coming up to work around the reload animation. On the PTR, you are locked into the animation and your hack won’t come up until it’s over.

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Yea once the clip goes in and your ammo count resets, you just can’t cancel into hack anymore? Seems buggy considering you can still use hack if it is before your ammo count resets, and use any other ability (not just with sombra but with other characters as well) any time during a reload animation. Like I cannot think of anywhere else where finishing a reload animation, after ammo count has reset, has taken precedence over using an ability.


You know what they say with coding. “fix one line of code and have 2 different lines of code broken.”

something like that anyways.

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