Sombra bottom-tier again


What I meant to say was that Reinhardt can’t stop Sombra from hacking him, and if she does, he loses his shield and gets focused fired by the rest of Sombra’s team. So technically, Sombra’s team removes Reinhardt, not her personally, sorry for the mistake.


Honestly, the biggest issue what I notice while playing sombra is the conflict inbetween what she’s supposed to be doing.

Most of her kit is made to flank the enemy’s backline, yet many heroes can 1v1 you even when hacked, which devalues her flanking.

On the other hand, hacking a tank is incredibly beneficial to your team, yet to do this you can’t be flanking the enemy’s backline, which then devalues her stealth and translocator.

So where exactly is she supposed to fit in?

As for any buffs/changes, these are my thoughts:
-Remove her stealth, and give her something she can use in combat perhaps?
We can already use our translocator to get to the enemy’s backline.
Having one ability which’s sole use is to run around the map a tad quicker is honestly a waste of an ability slot.

-Buff her base speed to genji/tracer’s level, to offset the loss of the stealth speed increase.

Don’t buff her hack, it’s an incredibly unfun ability to play against, and it’s not exactly super fun to use either. (although hacking a genji and watch him as he knows he’s dead is super satisfying).


Even here, he’s a must pick, she’s a troll pick.


Right now, but if they buff Sombra, she’ll be a hard cc counter to Rein, which is exactly his problem right now. I’d like Rein to be given a way to stop Sombra from hacking him so it’s a fairer interaction along side the buffs I totally agree with you Sombra needs.


And Rein’s a must pick people don’t want to play as.


All he does is activate his shield and face her, Hack blocked. With the old grace period, there was a minute chance it would go off while he activated his shield, but that’s gone now.


Never mind then. Thanks for helping me out. #msga


This meta turns her into a troll pick again. She’s only useful when she’s using her EMP now but it’s pretty hard to get consistent ult charge with all those shields. Hacking often feels like a waste of time since it’s so unreliable and most characters in this Meta still are quite dangerous when hacked. I want my ult charge health packs back or higher damage to get through all this armor. :frowning:


It’s a joke but, I’ve seen high sensitivity Reinhardt rapidly spinning with their shield out. So, spin to win and you will never be hacked :joy:


Even then with the meta EMP isn’t great, too much armor around


Buff the damage of her gun. At this point I’m not seeing why not :man_shrugging:t5:


I will never accept “Hack is unfun to play against” as an answer, when every other hero has an ability that kills you instead of temporarily disables you.

Also, you countered yourself. It’s not fun to use, but obviously fun to use (hilarious, even) when you hack specific heroes.


I mean, she’s ripped off from Ghost in the Shell anyway, so give her high velocity armour piercing ammo.


It really is her biggest issue. Everything about her is loaded into hack and emp. When these things aren’t practical she is essentially useless :man_shrugging:t5:


I wish she could hack as many health packs as she wanted, instead of only one at a time.


You’re not wrong. It doesn’t even stop Brig’s ult or her passive. Her EMP isn’t even remotely as valuable as it was before but it’s all she’s got at this point.


She can do that already. The hack just expires over time so she has to rehack them.


I feel like the people that thinks sombra is fine are the same people that simply does not want her to be a meta heroe.


They seem to not want her to be viable. They like that she’s incredibly hard to get minor value out of.


I’m getting real tired of this justification used by people calling for nerfs.

“X hero is frustrating!”

The devs seem to fall for it every time.

Roadhog? Not OP by any definition through win-rate or representation.

Sombra? Barely played. Buffs not in long enough to get a real measure of how “OP”, if at all, she would be.

Junkrat? Healthy rep tied to map and point. Viable almost everywhere, but typically only used in specific circumstances outside of the lower tiers where hero choice literally barely matters.

Hell, even Mercy 1.0. Was mass rez OP? Measurably not. But it was frustrating to play against (Okay, so it was also anti-pattern to the core game loop, but that’s a separate complaint)

Hog OP? Only if you were a flanker. They nerfed him and Dive, a meta dominated by the flankers he specifically countered that were complaining that he was “frustrating”, immediately became the dominant meta for almost a full year.

Sombra OP? Not by a long shot. Every metric put her down as a throw pick before her buffs, and the hack nerf was put in place because of OWL pros QQing directly to the devs over their discord server that she would be oppressive without the interruption cooldown. To top this one off, if Sombra were more effective, she could also blunt dive in a similar fashion to Brigitte by hacking a diver while they’re out of position.


However, in this case “frustrating” was equal to a sixty-six percent reduction in projectile size that actually does the exact opposite of what it was supposed to. People found his spam frustrating, and now he is forced to spam even more to get any kind of work done.

“Frustrating”. This word is turning into a cop-out. A blanket term people are starting to use when they hate losing.