Solution about Matchmaking issue

Here is my solution to resolve the matchmaking issue.

Matchmaking issue is currently ongoing issue since the launch of Overwatch 2, and every time they touch the matchmaking (On Season 1), the situation went horrible. And this problem will remain unless there is better changes.

So here is my solution to fix the matchmaking: Merge role queue and open queue into one gamemode. Remove Role Lock and include the max hero limit per role instead.

After implementing role lock into Overwatch 2, many playerbase has been split into two gamemodes:

  1. The people who doesn’t care about Role Lock mainly plays with Role Queue.
  2. The people who dislike the changes about Role Lock mainly plays on Open Queue mode.

After implementing the Role Lock system and adding Open Queue as main game mode, the player base has been split into two types. This might cause the matchmaking issue, especially when lack of players plays with Role Queue the unfair matchmaking occurs every time and leads to loss streaks.

The better way to resolve matchmaking problem is to remove role lock, add max hero limit per roles, do better balance patch and include new hero every season.

Since the Aaron Keller became the new director of Overwatch franchise, Aaron proved the better balance patches, unlike Jeff Kaplan. This change would not be a problem if they could do frequent balance patches and add new heroes every season.