Soldier mains out there: why do you like Soldier?

He is designed to be the basic soldier from any fps but then he’s the opposite.

He’s actually nice, has poc friends, is gay, kinda boyish animations and is funny.

He seems boring at first but then he’s actually pretty unique and an in game example of how soldiers aren’t all rough and crude like they’re depicted in literally every other media.

And also I just love running and hopping everywhere with him, It’s like i’m Animal Crossing zooming everywhere :rofl:

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Soldier is somewhat similar to other shooters

Ugly Sweater + Dad Dance. Best combo.

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He is a tracking hitscan hero. Only real ranged one. Otherwise we got Sombra and tracer, which are quite different.

Being an old school FPSer, I prefer Soldier over any of the other DPS heroes mostly because of the familiarity. His gun, his sprint and everything around him feels familiar. So it’s always comfortable to pick him up and play

I think the lack of complexity helps 76 mains like him more. There aren’t any overly complex strategies to learn, the simplicity is nice sometimes. There’s certain maps that I absolutely love playing him on (Numbani Point A, Volskaya).

Helix-jumping into certain spots and popping off feels super satisfying too, the 6 second cooldown gives him a lot more mobility than before as well. Helix-jumping may honestly be one of my favourite things to do in the game.

Suity-boy Soldier is a dapper looking skin as well, especially with the golden gun.

Different strokes for different folks - I personally find Zenyatta boring

Soldier is one of the hardest dps heroes btw. He is also fun cause every kill you get is because you tried. No bs,no ez mode abilities.

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Not a Soldier main but I don’t disrespect battle Mercys, so having her pistol but hitscan is awesome. The better fire rate and mag is awesome too. Then an “aimbot” ult to go with it.

not really a solider main but he is my dps main so sure ill bite. his va also voices nikolai belinski so i’m drawn to him and i think he’s relatively easy and fun to play

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He doesn’t have any cheesy win buttons or insane mobility with a stick figure hitbox so every kill feels earned, ever since McCree got his fire rate buff soldier has felt like the more skillfull dps

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I don’t DPS too much and I find his tracking style aim more forgiving than someone like Cree. Other tracking hitscans like Tracer need huge amounts of practice or you’re just feeding. With Soldier you can easily take good positions with his sprint and helix jump, sustain yourself, and be a massive pain in the butt without too much time investment in learning how to play him. Also his voicelines crack me up.

his gun and helix are lame, but run and self heal are nice. Wish McCree had his mobility

Because he is a terrible hitscan. His spread is as huge as Bobby Kotick’s greed so in long range you are screwed. Ashe, Widow, Cree does much better on medium and long range.
I think his E is too weak. This animation until field starts working takes like 10 hours and I’m already dead by then. It suppose to be “oh sh*t” button but it only works when you plan it ahead

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This pretty much answers your question.

Hes very easy to approach / play. And tbh- While hes not “meta”, its rare that soldier is actually a bad pick.

He has the means to bring down a 200 hp target in less than 1 second. Either with rockets + a few body shots, or through head shots.

Hes easier to utilize against air targets as well. he doesnt have the “burst” potential of say ashe or mccree- But being able to fire an accurate stream of bullets means you dont have to be precise with Every shot, and can instead just track across the target- consistently doing at least some damage. I like to use soldier against pesky pharahs or echo (and by relation: mercy when shes tagging with them) who know how to get around through the air.

Hes got mobility with sprint, can heal himself and his team.

Hes the literal best example IMO in this game of an actual jack of all trades.

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I like the way his assault rifle feels and works.

Speaking of his gun, I love the way his weapon looks in the majority of his legendary skins.

Between his sprinting and helix-jumping, his mobility feels consistent and lends a “always on the move” kind of feeling to his playstyle that I just love.

I just find a good amount of his banter and voices lines to be hilarious.

When I started playing I thought he was boring but played him because I was decent at him and was playing with friends that I didn’t want to let down.

As my gamesense got better I realized that the versatility of 76’s kit means that if you have any 900iq ideas, you can probably pull them off without needing to tell your team to do it for you because your character can’t do it. If there are any major holes in either team’s play, 76 is well suited to exploiting or plugging many of those holes without needing to swap your entire team comp.

ngl tho, I hate his gun, it lacks oomph; I probably wouldn’t be a 76 main if I didn’t also really like juicy helixes.

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I feel like the hitbox on Helix rockets should be a bit bigger. Hanzo’s arrows seem bigger than this CD ability that’s harder to land.

I don’t main him, but on the rare chance that I get to play DPS, I find him a reliable and dependable hero

He is the most complex hitscan. All the others are primary fire bots. 76 actually does stuff.