Soldier 76 recoil - feeling deezy and strong headache

Yeah its helped me alot. Im glad they took it seriously and addressed it quickly, because I’d have hated to go through months of that not being able to play him or feel sick.


It’s an absolute nightmare. It’s nothing else than a trick to try to get players to keep playing, to randomly learn some new BS, which also seems to be the reason for the majority of minor tweaks. But regardless, it’s the most boneheaded design decision, and they must have listened to the worst whiners as a unique exception or their minds glitched, because it makes no sense and kills soldier entirely
They forgot Soldier already has drawbacks, even while leaving it a mostly attractive choice to those who don’t want these restrictive straightjackets to shooting of other dps (or however one wants to put it). Soldier’s bullets are slower than most, and of course they do less damage than other dps bullets. While the character has a normal egoshooter feel, it’s not universally superior. Now on top of these balancing “drawbacks” (partly impacting aiming with bullet speed) aiming gets totally ruined to a ludicrous degree. It feels insane to play and is of course almost completely pointless, a farce now. Moreover, many monitors which are decently fast but not the fastest and pure “gaming monitors” have additional jitter in addition to the animalistic speed of many scenes of the game. So in addition to creating a freakish, unnatural experience, Soldier becomes at once more similar to other DPS (so not attractive on his own) in imposing some artificial straightjacket in how he shoots, and it becomes the worst of the lot, as the weakest and most uncontrollable.

And while we’re at pointlessly killing characters because some part of theirs works very effectively, how about taking away Torbjörn’s turret? You will find the same of better arguments than whatever moved you to annihilate soldier, and of course it will ruin the character the same. Not that he was ever all-powerful if the enemy team adapted, far from it. But he can made a bumbling fool, similar, but more useless than other dps, so all is the same just some are worse…

With the hotfix, Soldier has become over-tuned. It is trivial to absolutely drill enemies without the need to burst fire anymore.

He still does 19 damage per bullet and even being very accurate (like 60% ish), you can out heal him and … yeah Ashe and Widow still exist so no, he is not over tuned in anyway nor he will become dominant ever.

Not with that fire ratio and damage per bullet.

At least the shaky camera has been fixed and now the bullets just go up smoothly with the recoil.

Burst fire need no aiming skill, is the game to control the weapon.

Recoil need player to control the weapon.

Is a matter of skill needed, a good thing for a game want to be competitive.

WOW Thank you! It’s much better now!! 0 eyes pain, BF and I are very grateful!

I too start feeling motion sick and honestly I just hate the rework in general. 76 feels worse than before and now I have to fight against years of muscle memory of 76 play. I thought he was too weak and you were trying to BUFF him. Just freaking tighten his old spread or increase his damage or something.

Instead you did a rework which now requires a massive relearning but frankly the rework feels like a nerf. I don’t see how it fixes any of his issues.

Why not have the target curser move instead of the screen

Could you elaborate, was it certain PC setups or just console players? Was game balance jeopardized?

Everyone, it does technically affect game balance however this is more of a quality-of-life change if anything.


Who can? At 60% accuracy he’s doing 103-206 dps depending on the amount of headshots and that’s without rockets.

We all know maths and have google mate, in reality, soldiers are not that accurate and healers, like mercy can heal 50HP or Ana 70 and keep the target alive enough to get cover.

Nobody stays in the open with 200hp waiting, not moving, not near cover, or behind a shield , for a soldier to blast them, so outside the bots in the training range yes, Soldier’s damage gets outhealed.

… this is common knowledge mate.

But you literally yourself said that they can outheal even a 60% accuracy Soldier. I can melt people just fine with the Soldier. Soldier also has the highest winrate of all heroes in GM this week and 5th highest this month (only part of it with the changes). It seems the problem lies in you and not in Soldier.

The what now?
Please read stats properly, he doesnt have like a 70% WR, he is barely over reaper and the same as Pharah or Echo, what matter is the PICK RATE. If he was so good, without the patch “hype” he should be on 12.

Now look at Ashe, Reaper, Widowmaker, Tracer, Hanzo … god even TORB and JUNK have better pickrates dude.

No, you are not “melting” people, nobody is. Lets not pretend like Healers are just watching when their team gets killed or they have low accuracy now, or the targets are always out of position, never near cover, immobile etc …

Not even in GM, not even people like Dafran or IDDQD are getting big value, just enough to justify the pick. Sorry but reality and stats do prove you wrong.

You must be new to shooter games, the slight shaking is hardly noticeable to me.

Moira’s Ultimate makes me feel uncomfortable though, if I’ve been playing for a long time in a row, I see her Ultimate in front of my face, outside the game. Very horrifying.

Uh, hate to burst your bubble bro, but the above poster is absolutely correct. Right now, this week in GM ranking, Soldier has the highest win rate at 59.67% (Which is pretty insane, honestly). That is in no way the same as phara and echo who are sporting a 54% win rate.

His pick rate is 3.67%, which is the second highest pick rate of any DPS (only below tracer, here, by not very much, either). That is definitely higher than junk/reaper, it’s even higher than Widow, who tends to dominate GM for obvious reasons.

You’re just flat wrong. Look at this week stats for GM. Looking at this month is silly, the change has only been here for a week.

It’s also very disconcerting that such a new mechanic is already resulting in such a ludicrous win rate. Pretending that win rate doesn’t matter is just silly. True, mei’s high win rate is not a super valid statistic because her pick rate is so low. But a high win rate AND pick rate is troubling.

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Sorry to bring you to reality pal, but you clearly dont know how stats work if you are basing your ENTIRE argument of on a week of “hype” and in only ONE rank.

Again, read properly. Widowmaker still has HIGHER stats, even taking a week :man_facepalming:

Not when we are talking about ONLY a week and in ONLY one rank dude.
You thought that doing that change to soldier and having the BEST OW players and hitscans specialists was NOT going to yield such results? :rofl:

Come back in 1 month and tell me what happens.

PS: Torb has almost same PR and almost 59% WR, must be OP right? :man_facepalming:

There’s only 1 week of data since the changes. Trying to point pre-patch stats and say he’s not good is an actual pepega take and shows you don’t understand stats. GM is used usually as it’s the only rank where people actually know how to use heroes to their full potential.

Except she doesn’t…


Soldier winrate 59.63% pickrate 3.81%
Widowmaker winrate 49.42% pickrate 3.45%

Can you please enlighten me with your superiour stats understanding how Widowmaker’s numbers are better?


Soldier winrate 54.19% pickrate 4.11%
Widowmaker winrate 51.66% pickrate 3.15%

And so on. To save some writing Soldier has better winrate and pickrate than Widowmaker in EVERY SINGLE RANK from Bronze to GM this week.

Torb has 1/3rd pickrate of Soldier, not “almost same” and yes he’s really good too, one of the best dps actually. Also you are the only one bringing the “OP” here. I said that Soldier is really strong instead of useless who only gets outhealed like you said.

This entire sentence destroys your own point pal. Its like me saying the Moon is always full, and then claiming that only in X days and Z conditions should work, just because I say so. Ok dude.

First off lets start with this whole debacle you are making up being 100% Off topic.
Second lets follow up with questioning WHERE are you getting those numbers from because they are getting way way way way weirder everytime you post them.

Third, soldier getting outhealed is not new, and just because you just want to look to ONE week in ONE rank, it does show you are basically modifying factors just to prove a point.

Well congratulations pal, you are wrong in 99% of the player base, but right about GM. Cool (which you arent, but live your dream).

This ends here :wave:

It doesn’t destroy anything. If we are looking at how the Soldier performs after his changes then obviously only the data AFTER the changes matters. There’s nothing else to it.

They are straight from the only place that has these numbers available, Overbuff. You are free to go there yourself
Click ‘This week’ and look at individual ranks or overall, either way Soldier has higher winrate and pickrate than Widowmaker in every case.

Indeed, it’s old, not with the new Soldier.