Soldier: 76 need some buffs

Agreed, the meta that would suit him in his current state is a low healing meta. (full-dive with zen lucio as supports again), but even in that new meta burst heroes would be better. People like doom, widow, hanzo. And Brig would have to be awful as well because of her armor/shield.

Am i the only one that thinks Soldier is the most balanced hero in the game right now?

He can melt tanks with good positioning.

Edit: I’m a soldier main by the way. 100 or so hours on him. I’d rather him stay the way he is now, than be OP.

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The Jack-of-all-Trades shouldn’t, by design, excel at anything more than any other hero.

When we have a lower healing output / less tanky composition (i.e. back to a 2-2-2 composition), I imagine he’ll see more use.

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Not if they have even mediocre heals. And even then there are better picks. People like Hanzo, Doomfist, Widow.

The reason he isn’t meta isn’t because he is bad, it’s because brig is so good. He is weak against armor. If she falls out of meta, he will be good again.

The thing is even there, which is his ideal meta, burst picks will still be better. If its dive Doom will be insane. If its normal-ish Widow/Hanzo will be insane.

That’s why you target heals first. Tanks are big targets without heals.

Then you’d have to nerf Doomfist, Brigitte and Hanzo HEAVILY, because they shut Soldier down so hard, it’s not even funny.
You’re completely helpless against Doomfist, you can’t kill him before he reaches you, you can’t run from him because slam stops momentum and pulls you towards him and your Biofield is useless when you get uppercutted.
Brigitte makes his damage worthless with armor and the instaheal, and she created a shield heavy meta.
Hanzo competes with him for his niche as midrange damagedealer, but he’s just 3x better than 76

Soldier has really low damage, its extremely easy to sustain yourselves as healers. Look at Lucio, Moira, Mercy, Brig can all sustain themselves. Zen and Ana can straight duel Soldier.

You don’t need to nerf anyone heavily because they can shut him down. That’s a very shallow view of balancing to only consider the heroes that directly impact him. You have to look at the game state as a whole. If those three heroes are so commonplace that they make him unpickable then you need to figure out why those heroes are so common and adjust accordingly. Perhaps those heroes themselves do not have adequate counter picks. Maybe they’re overturned VS their counters so they’re still in high demand. In both cases you can make tweaks without heavily nerfing them.

He should have his original 20 dps back and allow him to reload while sprinting. Even if its a new passive ability.

You can see it as you want, but in the end it boils down to nerfing/buffing heroes. Either directly or indirectly over counters. And then the buffed counters make other heroes useless, so they need buffing or better counters for the new topdogs of the meta. A never ending cycle, really.

I can agree with the second one, but the third one would be a poor addittion and I feel like his reload is already pretty fast

Right, and this is why you don’t just buff a hero every time they’re not viable. Sometimes you need to think that other heroes are simply overturned instead of always assuming a particular hero is undertuned.

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That’s why i stated that especially Doom and Hanzo need nerfing for Soldier to come back.