Soldier 76 is gay?


That’s the thing, the general idea of a gay person is centralized around out-dated stereotypes, usually the most extreme of the stereotypes as well.


As I said, not going to say anything else because I don’t want to argue political stuff lol, plus anything political is probably punishable. Infact I’m going to mute notifications on this post maybe I shouldn’t of posted anything.


Proof that they don’t listen to the community! /s

As neutral as I am on this, I am sort of glad that they didn’t just pander to the crowd that screams “make _____ gay!”

Regardless, I shall enjoy watching the raging of the forums for… A few weeks? It’s basically a sport at this point to watch them.


Im not against gay people, WTH. Im just saying it shouldn’t be that big a deal or a big announcement every time someones comes out.
If its not a big deal to be gay and its socially acceptable, then why do people make it to be a big deal with an announcement?


Gay men existing is not political. Unless you make it so.


Plus chances are he’s bisexual anyway. Most people are to some extent, it’s actually very rare for anyone to be 100 percent one way or the other. Straight people usually have at least one person of the same sex they would have a romantic relationship with or sleep with if given the opportunity.


In all my life I didn’t think Blizzard would actually go there.


They should not make story and lore base on what people ask for, but base on ther own idea of it. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ let it go alredy.


It wasn’t a huge announcement, though. It was mentioned in the story in passing. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was tied to lore as to why Reaper left, where Vincent went, etc. It’s not like there’s an airplane banner flying across America right now.


hopefully that will shut up the lgbwgrajkasfjka for a while


What story? Where is this from?


It’s not a big announce, it’s literally a passing conversation in a much longer short story.


don’t be surprised if Mccree is actually revealed to be trans, once a female turned male. they should make all the male characters gay, it would get overwatch a lot of positive attention


Because by norm you’re straight until you say otherwise… They didn’t announce anything. It was a comic. They hinted it. That’s it. YOU took it that way. I’m fine with Soldier being whatever as long as he gets some buffs soon.


IDK, but the real question is: Is Reaper a brony?




Catering to a group of people is a good business strategy for a company in financial crisis atm.


Nope that’s Vincent and he left because soldier 76 rejected her.

I kid I kid.


OR REAPER is actually a GIRL this whole time, just rough around the edges :joy:


No it would not do that to be honest, it would just make one group happy XD